How To Participate

Wondering where to recycle printer cartridges? Cartridges Direct fully supports ethical printer cartridge recycling with postage paid recycling satchels included in your cartridge order. We offer both an ink and toner cartridge recycling service. Our recycling partner Close the Loop is paid by the major OEM suppliers to break down the empty printer cartridges and re-use all the components to make new and innovative products.

Now that you understand the benefits of ethically recycling your end-of-life OEM printer cartridges CartridgesDirect have made it easy for you to participate in their recycling programme. Our FREE postage paid satchels keep your OEM printer cartridges out of landfill, and you can do this quickly and easily from your own home or office.

When you order your next OEM printer cartridges just click on the button at the checkout and we’ll include a reply-paid cartridge satchel addressed to Close the Loop with your order.

Just keep the satchel next to your printer and when you take out the empty OEM printer cartridge just pop it into the satchel.

When the satchel is full simply seal it and drop into any Australia Post kerbside mailbox as you are passing. With CartridgesDirect recycling printer cartridges couldn't be simpler.