Izumi Inks are produced in Japan and a world leader in the supply of industrial printing facilities worldwide under a commercial banner. Colours available include standard Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow along with Light Cyan and Light Magenta. Features:
- Heat Activated Tack Provides Enhanced Tack for Ultra-Sharp Imaging, hold ultra-fine detail even at hi-speed mode with economy type papers. - Greatly reduces Image Ghosting, wastage and production time. - No smoke during transfer and easily the highest transfer yield in the industry. - Proven reliability in all generation Epson heads including latest generation DX7. - Made in Japan using exclusive raw materials & proprietary production techniques. - Guaranteed worldwide batch control, ensuring the same colours and quality consistency in all countries. - Available in 100ml foil packs. - Water-based ink (Non Toxic) Requirements to print - Suitable sublimation printer - Suitable heat press - Additional usual items like transfer paper, heat tape etc.

Izumi CMYKLCLM 6 Pack 100ml Sublimation Ink Value Pack