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You go to the printer and it has run out of ink...

Does trying to run a succesful business get anymore frustrating than small headaches like this?

We have the solution!

Never run out of ink again!

Fill out the form below to start your journey towards never running out of ink again!...

Introducing AutoMATE by Cartridges Direct

AutoMATE™ by Cartridges Direct is a cartridge replenishment system that works with your existing Laser Printers or HP PageWide Ink Printers. Through AutoMATE™ Cartridges Direct monitors your printers remotely, measuring their cartridge usage and sending alerts when your levels are low. When we receive this alert, we will automatically send you an order for new cartridges by email before the level becomes critical - All you have to do is confirm the order and the right replacement cartridge will be on it’s way!!

Save Valuable Time

Why waste time searching for and ordering replacement printer cartridges when it can be done for you automatically?

Never Run Out Of Ink

Let AutoMATE™ monitor your ink levels, and alert us when they are low, so we can send you a replacement before they run out!

Set & Forget

Take ‘another thing’ off you mind with our automated email system that lets you know when replacement cartridges are on their way!

How can I get Started ?

Start your journey to a pain-free ink cartridge replacement solution by following the steps below.

Register Interest

Tell us about your printer and register your interest via the form above so our experts can contact you back.

Install Software

We will review your application, and once approved, we’ll send an email with the download link and installation instructions.

Sit Back & Relax

Once we have remotely confirmed and connected to your printer you can sit back, relax and never run out of ink again!!