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5 ways to know if a printer is the perfect Christmas gift?

5 ways to know if a printer is the perfect Christmas gift?
By Simon Williams
December 20, 2017

It’s always a bit tricky to know what kind of gift you should give someone for Christmas. Even if you try to get them a thoughtful gift, they may not appreciate it as much as you would have liked them to. But getting people a practical gift always goes down well. And you can do this by gifting them with a printer. Here’s a few ways you can do it.

Upgrade the home or office printer to a Wi-Fi solution.

There are still many people that rely on hardware to connect them to their printing solution. So an easy and more convenient upgrade is a wireless solution. You can provide a printer that connects via Bluetooth or a wireless modem.

Get a printer for the photo-lover.

Do you know a family member or friend that loves to post photos around their home? Then a high-quality photo printer could make the perfect gift for capturing and framing those precious memories that they will love.

You are getting a gift for a student?

If they are in university, it’s likely that they will need to submit several assignments. They can either print at the university and spend hundreds of dollars at the university or they can save some money by having their own printer at home. A printer that can provide them with high-quality prints for their assessments and that will save them money will be a thoughtful gift.

Should you buy a printer for a student to use in their bedroom, a small footprint printer such as the HP DeskJet 3755 Compact All-in-One Wireless Printer with Mobile Printing which is small enough to fit on a shelf.

Your family or friends have a work office.

If your family or friends are known to be working in an office, then they will using a printing solution. Many people that have their own offices will have some kind of frustration with their existing printing solution. Whether their printer keeps on running out of ink, or they continually need ink cartridges, or their printer keeps on jamming, a new printer or ink cartridges can go a long way to minimise their daily printing frustrations.

You can give them a minimalist solution.

You may have a family member or friend that who is known to have several pieces of office equipment. If you know them to have a separate scanner, printer and photocopier, gift them a multifunction printer to help them save on space and minimise clutter.

What do you think of our suggestions? Are there some other ways you would consider providing a printer as a gift? Let us know in the comments below.