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7 ways to creatively display your most precious memories.

7 ways to creatively display your most precious memories.
By Simon Williams
October 25, 2017

Pictures tell a thousand words and can share a million more memories. But too often we just leave then on our Smartphone rather than putting it on display. Just glancing at an image that shows one of your fondest moments in time can impact the mood of anyone that sees it as well as change the entire atmosphere of the space where the image is displayed. You can easily create a more impactful space with a few creative prints. Here are some clever ways to display some of your most precious memories.


Photo frames.

The easiest thing you can do is print out your favourite photos and place them in a photo frame. You can then place them in spaces around your home or office to take you back to those fond memories. You could print an A4 sized image that can hang on your wall or a standard photo sized image that can remain on your desk. The choice is up to you.

You just need to make sure that you use the right photo paper and a printer that can produce photo quality prints. You can click here to see our range of printers.

Photo Album.


Nothing beats a photo book that you can flick through. Especially when the photos dictate or narrate a story to the reader. There are several ways you can display a photo book. But the most entertaining way is by displaying captivating images with text that talks about that specific moment in time.

Miniature photo pendants.

You can print smaller sized prints of your favourite images and turn them into photo pendants. Simply adjust the size dimensions of the photo and print them to match the tile that you will use to create the pendant.

Cut out photos and place them on a world map.


If you are a traveller, consider printing out a map and then printing out your favourite photos from the locations that you visited. You can then cut out the photos and place them on the map as a memento of your travels.

PVC Pipes become memento vases.

PVC pipes can be purchased cheaply from your local hardware store. You can turn them into a memento vase by printing your favourite photo (or collage of photos) and glue them onto the PVC pipe. Then cover the bottom to create a simple vase, which can be used on a desk, bench or tabletop.

Make 3D photo shapes.

Get a template that will allow you to print, fold and mould your favourite photos into three-dimensional shapes.



Create your own custom-made magnets by purchasing the magnet base and gluing your favourite photo on the front.

These ideas are so simple that you can do it with your own printer and make each item in less than an hour. What are you waiting for? Give it a try today.