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A Guide to HP PageWide Technology

A Guide to HP PageWide Technology
By Simon Williams
April 18, 2017

Printer technology is forever changing and adapting to an evolving environment. As the demand for better connectivity and better technology solutions increases, leading brands must spend the time improving services and providing an enhanced range of products for their customers.


With this in mind, HP PageWide is one of the most impressive technologies created to date. Allowing businesses to reach new levels of performance, printers equipped with HP PageWide can take companies to a higher standard of efficiency. Companies often feel the pressure of finding print solutions that balance speed, quality and cost equally; unfortunately, this normally results in sacrificing one for another. Thanks to HP PageWide, this no longer has to be an issue.


What is HP PageWide?

Most expectations in printing is that if you require fast printing, then you should expect to lower the quality; or if you need high quality, then you should expect a slower printer. Over 10 years ago, HP began investing in printing technology that challenged these preconceptions. 

Beginning in 2006, the very first application of HP PageWide technology was carried out for high volume, high speed web press printing. It  has continued to evolve for other applications to the present day. With generations of printheads that have improved over the years, the printing abilities of such devices have only increased. Overcoming the trade-off that often occurs between speed and quality, HP PageWide printers bring a new benefit to businesses across the country. Together with lower costs and using 84% less energy, PageWide technology is the brains behind Web Presses, PageWide Pro and Enterprise printers, and even PageWide XL large-format printers.

How does PageWide work?

HP PageWide technology manages to achieve such impressive speed due to years of innovation and developments in printheads, inks and paper transport. With ultra precise printhead design, the durable pigment inks themselves produce high density and vivid colours in a single pass.

Printers with HP PageWide technology have fewer moving parts because the printheads are stationary, just like a laser printer. The printheads are incredibly simple to replace, making this a proven way to improve the productivity of your office. The latest printhead, released in 2016, includes several advancements; the most impressive of which, is 42,240 nozzles to produce the ink on the page.

Revolutionising and reinventing the way businesses print, HP PageWide delivers exceptional performance while lowering costs.

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Dispelling the myths

Many businesses have long-held beliefs about printing costs and the purpose of various printers. Thanks to HP PageWide, such myths have been cleared up, as can be seen in the below images. 




AutoMATE™ and PageWide

Here at Cartridges Direct, we work to ensure your office runs smoothly with all the print solutions it needs. Low ink levels is a perennial challenge for high volume printing. The low ink level warning often occurs too late to take remedial action,  With that in mind, AutoMATE™ from CartridgesDirect is a downloadable programme that, when installed, can identify connected printers and send the information to us. The programme is printer agnostic and will work with a number of devices including laser printers and HP PageWide inkjet printers.

AutoMATE™ then allows Cartridges Direct to monitor the ink and toner levels of your printers. Once it reaches a mutually agreed limit, an alert is sent to you and CartridgesDirect. Accepting the alert triggers the despatch of a replacement cartridge before the situation becomes critical. Reordering ink or toner cartridges has never been simpler, meaning your business can continue to be as efficient as ever. Working perfectly with PageWide products, this service is suited for a number of different organisations.

It can save time and stress, as well as reducing waste. Ensuring your print productivity is at its highest, HP PageWide and AutoMATE™ are the perfect partnership to keep your office print solutions afloat.