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Efficient Business Printing with HP Ink Cartridges

By Simon Williams
October 5, 2016

It is reported that over 1.2 billion printer cartridges are produced all over the world every year, with each household in Australia using around 3 printer cartridges on average. With so many being used each year, it’s clear that we still produce a large amount of printed material. If you are printing regularly, it’s important to ensure you are buying good quality cartridges from brands you trust.

There are many different kinds of ink cartridges being manufactured, and if you’re a business, it may be even more important to invest in high quality cartridges for your printers. HP is one such brand that can provide your business with the cartridges to keep your workflow running smoothly.




When it comes to replacing your empty ink cartridges, you might want to carefully consider your printing needs and which type of cartridge will meet them. If printing is a key element of your business, you’ll probably be interested in Original cartridges that can provide great quality, while saving you time and money in the long run. A company with a sustainability strategy in place, HP understands the need for greener working, as well as providing solutions to help you transform the way you live or work when it comes to your printing requirements.



Ink cartridges from HP are both fast drying and provide the ability to highlight your documents without fear of smearing the ink. If you regularly print in colour, you’ll be glad to know that the colour will last for decades.

User-friendly and easy to replace when they eventually run out, HP ink cartridges are specifically designed with the environment in mind. HP, along with all the other Original Printer Cartridge Manufacturers pay for the ethical recycling of their cartridges to provide a cleaner environment and to conserve diminishing natural resources. With so much pressure around the world to recycle as much as we can, their efficient design and carefully thought out packaging will help you reduce your environmental impact effortlessly.


In other words, taking the time to invest in quality ink cartridges could both cut your costs and ensure your business prints efficiently. When you buy HP ink cartridges from CartridgesDirect, you know you’re getting genuine, Original Printer Cartridges that will perform to a high standard to keep your business working productively.