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Clever Printing Solutions for 2017

Clever Printing Solutions for 2017
By Simon Williams
January 25, 2017

The technology we use in our everyday lives, as well as at work, is always changing and improving to make our days a little bit easier. Printing devices are becoming more high tech and even more functional than before, loaded with features to streamline our printing processes. At Cartridges Direct, our focus is bringing popular printing devices and accessories directly to you, allowing you to keep your home or office up to date. With everything you could possibly need to get your office up and running, our affordable range is the perfect solution for you.


So, if you’re on the lookout for the latest printing technology, look no further!

Better connectivity

Printers now have a complete set of connectivity options, with many printers offering much more than just a USB port. The flexibility of printing has now increased significantly and gives you ample opportunity to print via a number of different connections.

The most common ways of printing include network printing, whereby your PC is connected to the printer via a USB cable, or the printer is on the same network. With ALL most printers available with USB as a standard, this is the chosen method of printed for some time.

Mobile printing and cloud printing have recently become much more popular, and allow a much easier method of getting your documents ready. With the rise of smartphones or other such devices in the workplace, mobile printing is becoming somewhat of an essential. Using an app to print, you are able to print directly from your mobile device.

Likewise, cloud printing is becoming a much more desirable feature too. Allowing you to print from anywhere to any printer, cloud-based networks or applications such as Google Cloud Print make it easier than ever before to print the documents you need.

Productive workflow

Printers are being built to accommodate any level of office workflow. Whether you need a printer that can deal with a heavy, frequent printing workload or you only need the odd document, there’s a printer for you.

Everyone wants fast, high quality printing that doesn’t compromise on quality. With so much choice out there, from laser to inkjet and even multifunction printers, you have the option to find the printer that suits you best.

Together with original printer cartridges, you have the perfect tools to do all the printing you need!

Recycling options

With new technology and increased use of products like printers and cartridges, there comes a responsibility towards disposing of them when you’re done. With a huge emphasis on recycling ethically, 2017 will see a continuation of recycling options. Here at Cartridges Direct we have our very own collection programme that means you can send off your empty cartridges in a hassle-free way.

So, next time you’re looking to update your printer technology, check out our extensive range from the leading brands.