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Contemplating Colour - Why Choosing the Right Ink Cartridges For Your Designs is Important

Contemplating Colour - Why Choosing the Right Ink Cartridges For Your Designs is Important
By Simon Williams
September 25, 2017

At Cartridges Direct, we’re proud to supply high quality ink cartridges that we know will provide high quality prints for designers. There’s nothing worse than spending hours, days or even weeks on a design project, only to have the precious work undone by a poor quality print. The colours and hues don’t pop in the same way that they did on the screen. The lines don’t seem as sharp; and the font doesn’t seem as legible as it should be.

Before rushing off for your next print job, we want to share some of the insights into choosing the right ink cartridges for your print designs.

More individual ink tanks will help with printing more accurately.

Using fewer individual ink tanks can lead to lower quality prints. If there’s an ink tank that prints several colours, there’s a higher chance that the colour may bleed on the page during the print. Aim to have a printer with at least 4 colour pots (or even up to 12 if you need to have a range of colours).

Ensure that the ink cartridges that you purchase pair well with the paper.

Paper choice is important.

Not all inks pair well with all types of paper. For example, if you are after a photography style print, the glossy paper that you end up using needs to pair well with the ink otherwise you will risk having bleeds, marks and smudges on your prints. Check the ink cartridge to see what type of ink bonds well with what type of paper.

Use pigmented inks for a longer-lasting print.

There are many inkjet cartridges that use dye based inks. These are usually less expensive and provide a vibrant, high-quality print initially. The only setback with the ink that’s used is that it fades much quicker when compared to pigmented inks.

If you plan to make a print design for the short-term, then a dye-based ink will suffice. But if you plan to do prints that will last for the long-term (such as canvases or posters), then you should go with pigmented inks.

Investing in the right ink cartridge will ensure that the final product that you print looks like a final product. Give yourself the confidence to print proofs that are an actual representation of what you’ve designed.

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