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Create Special Prints with HP Social Media Snapshots

Create Special Prints with HP Social Media Snapshots
By Simon Williams
October 19, 2016

Printing can be an essential part of any business, whether you are printing off reports or something a little more important. Being able to have printed documents can sometimes help keep a company running smoothly and allow everything to be documented properly. However, it’s not just businesses that rely on printing; most households will have a printer too.


HP Social Media Snapshots


HP have created a new way to use your printer, with the help of HP Social Media Snapshots. Whether you want to decorate your bedroom, spruce up your kitchen or even brighten up the living room, you now have the ability to print your social media photos and bring them to life.



HP have introduced ‘snapshots’, allowing you to print your favourite pictures straight from your phone. Thanks to an app developed by HP, you can print your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or camera roll photos to use however you please. Relive your favourite moments and remind yourself of the good times, instead of leaving your photos to be lost amongst your social albums. Through your smartphone and the Snapshots app, you can decorate your whole home with photos of family and friends.


The beauty of HP Snapshots is that you can customise your photos further, choosing from a variety of layouts and captions to add your own touch to it. HP have created a simple but effective way to make your surroundings look cosy and welcoming.

So, if you’re looking to decorate your room with your memories, find our HP Social Media Snapshots photo paper right here and get printing!


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