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Different Printer Cartridges And Why You Need Them

Different Printer Cartridges And Why You Need Them
By Simon Williams
October 19, 2016

To run a successful and productive business, your office may rely on technology and specific office devices to allow everything to run smoothly. When investing in office technology, you must also learn to use it efficiently as well as maintaining it. With that in mind, here at Cartridges Direct we thought we’d give you an overview of the different printer cartridges that your office may need.

There are many different types of printer cartridges, including the likes of copier cartridges and fax cartridges. The two most common and most used cartridges in your office are probably ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

Printer Cartridges




These two printer cartridges are both used for printing those all-important documents, but they do so in very different ways. First of all, toner is a powder, while ink is a liquid. The methods by which they are able to print work very differently from each other, and can have an effect on the documents you need to produce.

Toner cartridges are used in laser printers. A laser will draw an electrostatic template of the image you’re printing on to a rotating metal drum within the printer. The drum is coated in magnetically charged toner; the particles of toner will only stick to areas previously defined by the laser. A sheet of paper, also magnetically charged, will roll past the drum and draw the toner away. This is how your documents are printed!

However, ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers. They print by a different method entirely. The liquid ink inside the cartridge is locked in an airtight compartment. The cartridges are then loaded into the print head, which is fitted with tiny ink nozzles. The print head moves back and forth with droplets of ink that make up your printed document!



As each cartridge goes into specific printer types, you should first consider what type of printer will work best for your office environment. Laser printers and inkjet printers will differ in features.

If you are looking for speedy printing in order to get things out fast, you will probably want to invest in a laser printer with toner cartridges. They are also cheaper per page than an inkjet printer. Likewise, if your print requirements mean you are printing frequently, a laser printer will be better suited.

For colour printing or photography printing, inkjet printers are your go-to. There are a number of different ink cartridges available that can provide vivid colours and anti-smudging.



Printer cartridges are an essential accessory for a lot of businesses. It’s important that no matter which cartridge you need; you invest in genuine printer cartridges from a reliable retailer. Here at Cartridges Direct we only sell genuine manufacturer printer cartridges at great prices, so that you can keep your business running!