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Does Printing Have a Future?

Does Printing Have a Future?
By Simon Williams
May 13, 2019

As file sharing technology continues to improve and the paperless revolution pushes forward for a lot of businesses, the inevitable question mark over printers is more present than ever. Do printers have a future? In short, the answer is yes - but not as we know it. Like a lot of industries, keeping up with the rate of change is the secret to success. Printing companies of today are looking for new ways to innovate and evolve their core business to meet the needs of the world of tomorrow. How they manage that can be addressed in a few different ways.

Printing sustainably

“Sustainability” and “environmentally-friendly” aren’t necessarily the first terms we think of when it comes to printing. Paper, in essence, is a product derived from a costly production method. Companies today, however, are realising their impact and looking to make a difference. Recycling and reducing waste is a focus for a lot of printing companies with some even setting strategic objectives of zero waste printing. The future of printing means saving landfills from hundreds of thousands of tonnes in chemicals, minerals, metals and other materials. Instead, these components will be recycled to help change the world we live in.

Advanced ink technology

The technology for the physical printing machine isn’t the only innovation that is being made currently. Advanced ink technologies are changing the face of printing for the future. By using conductive inks businesses are able to create interactive media for the customers through the print channel. In the past, print marketing was all about being short and sharp to deliver your message. In the future, through the use of conductive ink, customers will interact with printed collateral like it was a touchscreen tablet or device in their pocket. Putting the paperless fallacy to bed, technology will change the way that printing is viewed as a tactical channel for businesses to reach their customers in the future.

3D is here

3D Printer

 You would probably have to be living under a rock to have not heard of 3D printing. This area of printing is one of the most fascinating advancements in recent history. Printing door stops, zip ties and other functional items are just the beginning. The future of 3D printing is much more advanced and could change the face of many industries. Imagine 3D printing your kitchen, a cubby house for the kids, or even your entire home. 3D printing in the future will have the capability to make what were long and tedious tasks simple, routine, and swift.

The future of printing is easily dismissed given our increasing dependence on mobile and display technologies. Despite the shift toward less printing and more screen time, printing hasn’t slowed down and continues to advance in ways we couldn’t have thought possible. From 3D printing to manipulating inks, to become more interactive - the future of printing is bright and colourful.