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The Why and How of Switching to Economical Printing Practices

The Why and How of Switching to Economical Printing Practices
By Simon Williams
April 16, 2018

Be Ink Wise

It is essential to purchase the highest quality ink cartridges available, in order to protect the health of your printer and to guarantee that the cartridge will be compatible with the device. Because of this, it is important to always use genuine Original Printer Cartridges. These are the cartridges that come with the printer, or are replacement cartridges that are manufactured by the same company. These are also the only cartridges that are guaranteed to work with your printer.




If you require high quality printing, original print cartridges will provide the higher page yields than other cartridge alternatives. This means more bang for your buck, and less time replacing replacing cartridges over and over again!

For higher volume printing, and even greater economy. Choose high yield printer cartridges. These cartridges have a greater volume of ink and will print far more pages at a lower cost per page than standard Original Printer Cartridges.

Choosing an ink cartridge supplier which allows you to purchase in bulk, such as Cartridges Direct, can also dramatically cut down your printing expenditure.

Double Up

There are many options for reducing the amount of paper when you are printing a document. Double sided printing is a common way that most employees can immediately decrease their paper usage, and save their business money.

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. Many printers these days supports duplex printing. This feature can almost halve your overall paper costs (and your impact on the environment). It will also save you money on storage and mailing costs.

To find out if your printer supports duplex printing, refer to your printer manual or look for the two-sided (Duplex printing) drop-down menu in the Printer Properties dialog box on your computer. You can also have the option to print duplex manually. Alternatively, most printers and copiers will also allow the user to print more than one page per sheet, dramatically reducing your paper usage.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up two-sided printing on HP printers. 



For automatic duplex printing the setup is very similar, but now the printer will print one side and then automatically take the sheet back and print the other side without any need to manually turn the stack over.

In this video we see the setup procedure foo automatic duplex printing from a Mac computer.




Monitor your Consumption

It is easy to forget about the amount of electricity it takes to run a printer, that is until the pesky power bill comes in at the end of the month. Most printers have a low-power mode (standby mode), that will automatically initiate if you have not printer in a while. However, it is important to note, that even when on standby mode, printers are still consuming power and adding to your bills in the process.



Many printers now offer “auto on/auto off” as a feature. This will reduce power usage even further when the printer is inactive. HP have explored the implications of leaving your printer running, and have made these recommendations




Spend-A-Little, Save-A-Lot

Most printers now come with a host of features that were unheard of not long ago except on high end devices. Today even entry level printers come with features that offer ways of economising on your cost of printing.

Wifi Connectivity: Understanding your printers connectivity specifications is key to getting the most out of the technology. Wifi printers allow the printer to be connected to a wide range of devices, reducing your need for further devices. It also saves you money on purchasing cabling to connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop which are not connected to the network.

All-In-Ones or MFPs: All-in-one printers are a popular printing setup choice for the regular office needs. These printers allow you to print, scan, fax, print duplex, and print on an assorted paper sizes. They are therefore the economical choice for the modern office that is looking to reduce its overhead equipment costs.

Inkjet v Laser: Choosing the right type of printer for your common purposes is key when looking to achieving economical printing. If you typically print a combination of text, graphics, and photos, an inkjet is the way to go. Most can print almost anything, and they particularly excel at photos. However, if you print only black-and-white text documents—and a lot of them—a laser printer makes the most sense.

If you’re not mindful about your ink usage and power consumption, printing can quickly leave a large hole in your wallet! Following these tips is imperative to ensure that your dollar goes further, and that you get the most out of your printers.