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How a Multifunction Printer Can Benefit Your Business

How a Multifunction Printer Can Benefit Your Business
By Simon Williams
November 17, 2016

There is always a demand and need for office technology that can make life easier. Whether it’s to save time, or even money, our busy and dynamic offices should be supported by useful, efficient technology. Our offices might require printers, fax machines and photocopiers which can all add up in terms of cost; but have you ever considered investing in just one device that can do it all?. 

Multifunction printers can provide your business with the capabilities of multiple machines and different functions, in just one package. It’s the kind of office technology that is perfect for small businesses or those working from home, but development in models has meant that they can also deal with the demands of larger companies too. So how can it benefit you, and how can it help your business run smoothly on a daily basis?


One of the best things about having a machine that can do it all, is the convenience. You might not need to fax documents very often, and you may only photocopy something once a month. With this in mind, investing in a fax machine for one or two faxes a week might seem like a lot of money.

Thanks to a multifunction printer, you can complete the odd fax or infrequent scanning while also having access to a printer that you might use every day, for just one price.

Saving space

One of the best advantages of having a multifunction printer in your office is the space you can save. Having several different devices dotted around your office might take up a lot of space, and use a lot of energy too. Investing in one, compact device for your home means that you don’t have to compromise on space for desks or other useful office furniture.

This is a perfect solution if you work in a small office, or even if your office is at home. On the other hand, if you work in a large space, you can have everything in one place; instead of walking back and forth across the office to access different machines.

Cost savings

As a business, we have no doubt that you are careful with your overheads and keep a close eye on your outgoings. While devices such as printers and scanners are a necessity in many different industries, the cost of them all may hold you back.

It’s much more cost efficient for your business to pay for one machine than numerous ones. What’s more, you only have to worry about the maintenance of one machine which can reduce the amount of repairs or replacements you have to pay for. You could even save money on your electricity bills!

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