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Running Dry - How Inefficient Printing is Keeping Australians in the Red

Running Dry - How Inefficient Printing is Keeping Australians in the Red
August 4, 2018

Since the dawn of time (okay, maybe just in the last 10 years or so), printers have copped some serious flak in the average Australian household. For many, the printer is the most hated piece of technology in the household...and the most expensive. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Before we continue to place blame on the humble Australian printer, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why printing is keeping Australians in the red.


Inefficient printing practices are the leading cause of high printing expenditure. Purchasing the wrong equipment for your needs, failing to utilise energy saving features and scheduling regular maintenance, are just some common practices that can considerably raise the cost of owning and using a printer. So before you break up with your printer for good, it’s time to consider...maybe it’s not the printer, maybe it’s you?

Regular Maintenance

Like any machine, your printer requires routine care. By regularly performing the tasks below, you can save yourself considerable cash on a costly repair bill down the line.

  1. Clean the Insides: You must clean the insides of the printer regularly to remove any dust or grime that prevent your printer from operating efficiently. All it takes is a few quick swipes with lint-free cloths.
  2. Replace Cartidges: Don’t wait till your cartridges run dry completely, as dry cartridges damage your printer’s insides. Many people also unintentionally damage their printer when replacing cartridges. It is therefore essential to read instructions carefully.
  3. Turn it off: While most modern printers come with automatic standby features, turning off your printer when you are not going to use it, is best practice. Old printer models in particular, generate a significant amount of heat when they are on. This can dry up your cartridges and cause significant negative effects on the health of your printer.
  4. Download the Latest Drivers: Remaining up-to-date by installing the latest drivers from the manufacturer, will help keep your printer in great working condition. In fact, many hardware malfunctions with printers, can be traced back to outdated drivers.
  5. Clean the Printhead: It is essential to clean your printhead at least once a month. Remove the cartridge and clean the head with warm water. After cleaning, allow the printhead to dry completely before fixing it back.

Check out the video below from HP, showing you how to correctly clean the the Printhead on the HP Officejet 6500 Printer.





By regularly performing these tasks you can save yourself considerable time, stress and headaches when it’s time to use your printer. If you haven’t had a chance already, check out this article, a relevant insight into the feelings of every Australian who has ever battled (and lost) against a printer.


Energy Saving Features

Failing to utilise your printer’s energy saving features, can leave you with an enormous energy bill at the end of every month. When upgrading your printing equipment, look for these modern printing features that are helping to save Australians money, and the environment.

  1. Toner Save: Toner and ink cartridges are often the most expensive component of running and owning a printer. Toner save mode, is an economical setting that applies less toner to the pages to be printed. In fact, cartridges last an average of 15% longer when toner save is set.
  2. Automatic Duplex Printing: The easiest way to reduce paper usage is using double-sided (duplex) printing. This effectively halves your paper consumption overnight. Automatic duplex printing can be set as a default setting on most modern printers. If your printer does not have double-sided functionality however, it is possible to retrofit a printing tray to support duplex printing.


Tech Upgrade

Modern times call for modern office equipment. To save money on printing costs, you need to have the right printing technology from the outset. If you are still relying on the same long-suffering printer from the 90’s, it’s time for an upgrade. Fortunately, Cartridges Direct offers the latest models of industry leading printer suppliers, all at a competitive price.


Genuine Ink Cartridges 

The use of non-genuine ink cartridges is a leading cause of inefficient printing. Using non-genuine alternatives can have significant negative effects on the health of your printer, leading to printer jams and paper burns which damage a printer’s engine. In fact, engine breakdowns are reported to occur about 2.4 times more frequently with non-genuine toner use.

When trying to save a few pennies by purchasing non-genuine cartridge alternatives, it’s important to consider the costs you may be facing in the long run. Non-genuine products give a significantly lower page yield than their original counterparts. This means more time (and money) spent on replacing your cartridges frequently. Genuine ink cartridges are also the only cartridges that are guaranteed to work with your printer, and are protected by warranties and other manufacturer guarantees.


By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your printing practices are budget-friendly, and that you can rely on your printer to deliver every time.