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How Samsung Business Solutions Can Improve Your Office

How Samsung Business Solutions Can Improve Your Office
By Simon Williams
February 6, 2017

Samsung has been at the forefront of consumer electronics for over 70 years, but it’s the company’s business solutions that has turned them into the experts they are today. With Samsung Printers have been bought by HP late last year, the brand is able to help you to enhance and grow your business; providing ways to help companies run more efficiently than before.


A technology experience aimed at promoting productivity, Samsung printing solutions can improve the way your office operates, providing a fresh way to approach your daily tasks. Increasing volume and quality of your output, Samsung business solutions could be the answer you’ve been looking for. So why should you consider Samsung for your office?

Environmentally aware

Both Samsung and ourselves, Cartridges Direct, are companies with a strong commitment towards the environment and overall corporate social responsibility. In other words, not only will you be improving the quality of your printing, you will also open up your office to better choices. With Samsung Printers being bought by HP late last year,

Transforming your office into a more environmentally-friendly space, you can relax in the knowledge that printers and other printing solutions from Samsung and Cartridges Direct are managed with an eco-friendly approach. What’s more, our collection scheme means that you can send your empty cartridges off to be recycled once you are finished with them.

Manage your devices

Samsung printers can come equipped with a number of different tools to help your office run to the best of its ability. Integrating print management solutions into one easy system can mean you are able to simplify your printing fleet across the entire office.

Bringing functionality to each PC and employee in your office, you have the ability to manage and monitor your printing devices to get the most out of them. A professional and performance-driven approach to your office that you might not realise you needed.

High security

As a business, it’s incredibly important that your printing solutions are secure and reliable to allow you to go about your daily tasks with one less thing to worry about. Providing a safe printing environment, especially if you are handling confidential or sensitive documents, the technology has been developed to implement high levels of security.

Designed to minimise threats to your output while not distracting from your office’s productivity, Samsung printing solutions are secure to protect your business.


Thanks to a recent advancement of modern workforces, mobility is a huge factor or many businesses. Cloud-based printers are becoming the norm for offices, allowing jobs to come from mobile devices and even remote locations.

With a huge shift towards cloud-based applications and data storage, technology such as this can keep your company modern and functional to a high standard.

So, next time you’re looking to implement new technology or upgrade your systems to provide a more productive office, consider Samsung.