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HP Launch First Toner Tank Printer And New Smart Tank Ink Printers

HP Launch First Toner Tank Printer And New Smart Tank Ink Printers
By Simon Williams
September 18, 2019

Innovation is a focus for almost every organisation in 2019, and HP is no different. HP has just launched the first toner tank and Smart Tank Ink Printers in China, bringing big benefits to businesses everywhere. Both are designed to increase productivity and reduce cost and waste at the same time.,. Whilst the toner tank isn’t slated for release in Australia right away, the technology may be applied to more sophisticated printers and MFPs in the future. The Smart Tank ink printers will be available in Australia from October. This advancement, coupled with the low environmental impact makes this innovation a genuine must watch space for any business. So what do we know about HP’s toner tank and Smart Tank Ink Printers?

Replenishment not Replacement or Refilling

Both these technologies use the concept of replenishing the toner or ink rather than replacing an entire printer cartridge or refilling it with a far inferior product. A printer cartridge is much more than just toner of ink. There are numerous other materials used in their manufacture. But when it runs out of toner or ink everything else is replaced whether it needs to be or not. This creates additional costs for the user and unnecessary waste.

I can feel many of you thinking  ‘What’s the difference between this and either remanufacturing or refilling by a third party?’

Let me put it to you this way. Many cars are specified to us Premium Unleaded Petrol. Run it on anything less and it will return less performance, lower economy and ultimately the possibility of expensive repair bills. 

So it is with printing. HP and all other printer manufacturers formulate their toners and inks to give the very best, and cost-effective, printing. That’s why they guarantee the quality of their consumables The HP Toner Tank printer cartridges is easily replenished by a toner syringe with HP Jetintelligence toner to give the highest performance levels at a lower cost per page. With refilling or remanufacturing you can never be sure what sort of results you will get. 

The HP Toner Tank is a world’s first. No other printer cartridge has ever been designed and manufactured to allow user refilling. It will eliminate the need to keep a replacement cartridge on hand or wait for a replacement to arrive.

The Smart Tank Ink Printer is HP’s second iteration in ink tank printing rather than inkjet cartridge printing. This new version prints at speeds up to 40% more than the earlier version and is more compact with the replenishable tanks being integrated into the body of the printer rather than hanging off the end like an afterthought.

The HP Smart Tank Printer range and HP Toner Tank are innovative solutions to HP’s current product offering, and arguably their biggest feature is the much, much higher page yield than ever before. If your business relies on the readiness of your printer technology, then this innovation is designed for you. Business owners will be able to replace the toner in a matter of seconds with this new technology, all the while maximising the output of their printers. Smart Tank Ink Printers and toner tanks provide high volume print reliability, with an average 5000 pages out of the box before any ink changes will be needed. The Smart Tank Ink Printer is innovation and efficiency coming together in your business.

Bring the cost down

Cost-saving and budget efficiency are important to almost every business operating today. Smart Tank Ink Printers are an efficient and effective solution that will also help lower the cost of printing for your business by up to 80% depending on your current budget. Lower per-page costs and greater longevity mean no longer having to rely on imitation cartridges that can cause a myriad of other issues for your business. Genuine cartridges that can deliver more and at a faster rate will give your business a genuine competitive advantage.

Chat to our team about our HP printers and cartridges, and we’ll get you printing to the quality you are looking for. You can also check out our range online, simply visit CartridgesDirect online or call 1300 765 575.