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HP Printers for Different Business Types

HP Printers for Different Business Types
By Simon Williams
April 6, 2017

HP is one of the world’s leading technology brands, providing solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Helping people to optimise and manage their needs and expectations, HP have been successful for decades. With so many options to accommodate your office across a number of impressive functions, HP is your go-to for business solutions.

As an office, your printing fleet may be of high importance to get through your daily tasks. Many businesses rely on their ability to print, scan, copy and fax. In a technology-driven world, finding the best printer for your needs is a crucial step in having a streamlined and seamless company.

So, if you’re looking for a new set of printers for your business type, we’ve broken it down for you to help the decision process much easier.

Business personal

Perfect for the home office, HP provide affordable and compact options that can accommodate a smaller workload. For the smaller company or even one-man band, HP have a variety of printer types to suit both your pocket and your printing needs.

Multifunction printers are one of the best solutions for small or home offices. The concept of all in one allows you to save space and have one neat device that can print, fax, copy and scan. Allowing you to complete your jobs easily, you spare yourself the idea of being surrounded by one heavy duty machine for each function.

Small teams

Thanks to decades of research and technology, HP offer ranges of devices that can work perfectly with a number of different sized teams. If you have a small team that require the necessary printing equipment, you’ll find the right options at HP. If you don’t have a particularly large workload, but may require some help in managing your fleet, there are options complete with all the necessary features for a productive workforce.

Whether you require a multifunction printer, or you’d prefer separate devices, you can match your printing fleet to your team effortlessly.


For the bigger teams looking for print solutions, HP offer advanced management that can support up to 30 users. These enterprise solutions are designed to support a larger workflow and more frequent printing, among other functions.

HP’s approach allows you to scale your printing fleet to meet your company’s needs. Making sure you’re only spending what you need to, as well as assessing your printing output, HP’s strategic services could be hugely beneficial to a large department.

Important functions to consider

As a business, you might want to consider more advanced features that can allow your printing output to become even more streamlined. For example, using genuine OEM cartridges is crucial if you’re looking for quality printed documents. Buying HP ink cartridges to go in your HP printer can guarantee hassle-free, high standard printing every time.

You may also want to consider connectivity when it comes to your printer; this can prove very helpful in maintaining a productive workforce. From Google Cloud Print to USB and Wi-Fi printing capabilities, it could be a vital part of your printing solutions.

So, next time you’re considering updating your printing fleet, consider HP and their advanced business solutions.