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HP Recycled 10 Million Printer Cartridges

HP Recycled 10 Million Printer Cartridges
By Simon Williams
May 16, 2017

The word is finally out! HP Australia has become the first organisation in the country to reach 10 million recycled printer cartridges. This makes HP Australia the highest returning manufacturer across the country through its partnership with Cartridges for Planet Ark.

HP Australia was a founding member of Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, working together with the program since it began in 2003. Thanks to the programme itself, 13,500 cartridges are recycled every single working day. HP actually represents around 55% of the total cartridges returned since 2003, demonstrating HP’s commitment to sustainable recycling and reducing the environmental impact we have.

The program has provided Australians across the country with a convenient and environmentally-accredited way to dispose of their printer cartridges properly, by recycling them with zero waste going to the the landfills. With an aim of making it as easy as possible to recycle cartridges, HP Australia and Cartridges for Planet Ark have come together and reached the impressive number of 10 million.



Innovative HP Solutions

HP have been reinventing the way their products are designed, manufactured, used and recovered. Shifting their business model towards an energy-efficient approach, many returned HP cartridges go through what is known as a ‘closed loop’ process. Close the Loop have also been working closely with the project, developing new technologies for recycling so that processes become even more efficient. This means that nothing is wasted or thrown away.

This is where the plastics from the cartridges are combined with other materials in order to create new HP Original printer cartridges, without compromising on quality!

Today, 80% of Original HP ink cartridges and 100% of Original HP toner cartridges are actually made using recycled content. What’s more, the recycled cartridges are used to make products such as pens and asphalt to help in other areas.

10 million cartridges are equal to the weight of 1,234 buses or even 700,000 koalas! So, whether you’re a regular recycler or you’ve only just started to get involved, you could be part of something really special as the number continues to increase over the coming years!