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HP Take Over Samsung A3 Laser Printers

HP Take Over Samsung A3 Laser Printers
By Simon Williams
October 10, 2019

It’s no secret that HP is the printing heavy-weight of our generation, but it may have been surprising news to learn that they acquired the A3 laser printing business from Samsung, a tech giant in their own right. After conducting research that suggests a compelling shift to A3 printing, HP have secured Samsung’s A3 products for $1.05 billion. So what does this mean for the end consumer, as well as Xerox, Ricoh and Konica Minalta? Let’s take a look. 

The terms of the takeover

If HP was not synonymous with printing technology they may be now as they take a significant slice of the A3 Laser Printing market share away from Ricoh, Xerox and Konica Minolta with the recent acquisition of Samsung’s technology. So, what did this billion-dollar deal encompass, and how do they plan to absorb and enhance the legacy that was set out by Samsung’s A3 Laser Printers? The acquisition has resulted in HP introducing an additional 600 ex-Samsung employees and over 1,300 engineers and researchers that were assigned to this product line. This means the minds and methods behind this elite technology are now in HP’s hands. The deal also includes future and current patents for the A3 printing technology, with more than 6,500 patents now owned by HP. It will be interesting to see what hybrid technologies come from this acquisition.  

Why did HP pursue this acquisition?

You may be wondering why HP, who have dominated the printing landscape for such a long time, invested in competitor technology over their own. HP have a strong market hold over A4 production, although A3 has not been an area they have focused their efforts. Samsung are already streaks ahead of their competitors in building this technology that has resulted in a significantly lower cost for user and manufacturer, which has clearly turned heads across the board. Samsung's technology boasts a 40% lower cost for colour printing, as well as 20-30% service cost savings compared to their competitors Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Xerox and HP. These savings are possible through the technology Samsung has engineered, allowing HP to now offers a greater A3 printing solution to the market, without having to build it themselves. 

Why A3 laser printers?

A3 laser printers have started to furnish the offices of successful businesses who are committed to presenting professional outputs that make an impact with internal and external stakeholders. What was once a luxury is now becoming a standard offering, with research suggesting that A3 assets are the way forward. The University of Hertfordshire believes small businesses look 13% more established and professional when utilising A3 collateral, with 18% of clients more likely to engage in business with companies presenting A3 outputs at the time of the initial meeting. HP investing in this space further supports the growing trend towards A3 laser printers, as well as a sentiment growing to avoid using professional outsourced printing services for one-off prints, and instead bring the printing units in-house. 

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