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Meet The HP Tango Terra - A Sustainable Printer

Meet The HP Tango Terra - A Sustainable Printer
By Simon Williams
November 30, 2019

HP is where many organisations who are seeking to become more environmentally conscious want to be, leading the pack and continuing to innovate. HP have audacious and ambitious goals when it comes to their recycled content and products, including achieving 30% recycled materials in its product by 2025 and recycling 1.2 million tonnes of hardware and supplies. These goals represent a significant increase on previous organisational targets and through genuine innovation, HP revealed the first of these innovations in the form of the HP Tango Terra, a sustainable printer for the home office. Here is everything you need to know about the HP Tango Terra.

No more carbon

No more carbon - three words we are many generations away from hearing, and yet HP has challenged that idea entirely. The HP Tango Terra is the first printer that has been classified as carbon neutral. That means at no point in the journey of using the Tango Terra will you be contributing to carbon emissions. The raw materials, manufacturing and transportation to print are all carbon neutral including paper, printer cartridge use and electricity. The Tango Terra is the sustainable and eco-friendly printer that the consumer market has been crying out for.

Recycled everything

The Tango Terra is HP’s flagship sustainable experiment, using 30% recycled plastic in the hardware itself and a further 48-73% recycled materials from oceans or beaches on the cartridges. The Tango Terra represents the next step in sustainable printing for HP and they have spared no expense in ensuring it meets the right standards. Utilising HP’s subscription ink delivery service, the Tango Terra helps ensure a further reduction in plastic waste of up to 50%. Added on top of this already impressive specification list is the fact that when you receive your Tango Terra, it is delivered in plastic-free packaging, with Forest-Stewardship Council certified paper. When HP say the Tango Terra is the world’s most sustainable home printing system, they mean it.

The expert’s verdict

It is easy enough for HP to claim that the Tango Terra is sustainable, but the experts tend to agree with them. The Tango Terra is ENERGY STAR certified and comes with the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool gold rating. This gold rating means the Tango Terra meets all of the required criteria, plus a minimum of 75% of the additional optional criteria. HP has recognised the importance of working toward a higher standard with The Green Electronics Council who oversee the EPEAT ratings, by designing the Tango Terra to meet the highest standard in sustainable electronics.

The Tango Terra represents the first in what is promised as a long line of sustainable printing devices and innovations from HP. Making a statement with their ambitious organisational goals for sustainability, the Tango Terra by HP is a reinforcement that the goals are there to be met, not just spoken about. For the eco-friendly consumer market, the Tango Terra represents genuine innovation and an opportunity to change the carbon impact of your home office. With an ink subscription service and recycled materials used in the ongoing components such as cartridges and paper, the Tango Terra is a lifestyle choice for the future.

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