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HP’s Commitment To Sustainable IT

HP’s Commitment To Sustainable IT
By Simon Williams
December 6, 2019

There are a number of industries who are beginning to realise just how important sustainability and sustainable practices are. One of the leading industries in sustainability is the IT industry. Known previously for increasing landfill with one-off parts and materials, the IT industry has strived to develop and implement real sustainability in their operations. Perhaps none more so than one of the industry powerhouses in HP. HP’s commitment to sustainability is clear, albeit, in their early stages, HP has made a real difference to their operations already, striving for the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Recycled products

The circular economy is alive and kicking, and HP has acknowledged and acted on this to introduce leading initiatives in recycled products. HP has a range of printers and soon to be devices that are made from recycled ocean plastics. This commitment to sustainability goes beyond simply recycling their products or plastics. It ventures into a new dimension, one that is dedicated to lowering landfill waste, as well as cleaning up our oceans at the same time. These products not only represent a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to lower their impact either. It demonstrates how big business can change the face of an industry for the future. HP has shown growth and profit increases as a direct result of this new product line, which can act as a lead for other businesses in the IT industry to change their operations to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

Beyond business

HP’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond its production line, helping to fight a much heftier challenge in deforestation. HP is committed to the sustainability of the earth as well as their supply chain. Partnering with environmental organisations and government partners, HP has secured a large section of forest, with the commitment to protect that forest from deforestation. This partnership and venture represent more than just a profit-generating activity. It demonstrates to the IT industry and other big business that more action is needed by those who can afford to assist if we are to avoid a climate emergency. HP is not only protecting this forest land but helping it to thrive with the assistance of experts in the field. This 200,000-hectare forest represents a commitment beyond that of an IT leader. HP’s partnership represents real action and commitment to help stop climate change.

No end in sight

HP’s existing work and commitment is just the beginning. With increasing targets and initiatives, HP is striving to achieve greater sustainability in everything they do. By 2030, the company is aiming to have 30% of its product line using recycled plastics. This year is an exciting step toward that target. HP desktops and laptops in 2020 will include recycled plastics, a clear sign of HP’s commitment to their targets and a more sustainable future. Changing the IT industry is a big challenge, but one that HP is committed to achieving. HP is a global organisation that is changing the face of the IT industry forever. Sustainability is more than just a buzzword in their annual report, it is a strategic direction. HP is committed to not only making sure their production line is using recycled plastics. HP is acting to protect our forests and oceans so that we have an environment to appreciate well into the future.

At CartridgesDirect, we’re committed to abiding by sustainable practices that will enhance our global future. If you’d like to learn more about our sustainable practices and the many products that have been recycled, contact us today