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Iconic “Aussie” Christmas moments you should catch on camera.

Iconic “Aussie” Christmas moments you should catch on camera.
By Simon Williams
December 4, 2017

Australia is known for its unique Christmas celebrations. While most of the world celebrates Christmas in the winter and maintains Christmas traditions such as roasts by the fire or enjoying a white Christmas, Australians will celebrate Christmas in the summertime under the warmth of the Australian sunshine.

Christmas day in Australia is celebrated in many different ways. Since Australia has a mix of cultures, religions and climates, Christmas celebrations will provide a variety of different moments. And with each passing year, these moments can be cherished in a snap of a photo or a video. Here are some of the key moments you should look out for during an Australian Christmas.


People enjoying themselves over the barbeque.

No matter what cultural background people are from or their location in Australia, barbeques will be ignited and the smell of flame grilled food will be abundant. Australians love to cook their meats on the barbeque. Combine this moment with friends, family and drinks, it will end up being a relaxing day in the good company of family and friends.



Catching some sunrays and waves at the beach. 

Australian families and friends will head to the coast and will take along their eskies full of food and drinks. Surfers and bodyboarders will flock to enjoy the refreshing waves, while others will enjoy themselves sunbathing on the sand and enjoying the view of other beachgoers enjoying themselves on the day.


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Enjoying carols by candlelight.

As dusk starts to settle in Christmas Eve and even on Christmas day, you will find people singing their hearts out to some of their favourite Christmas carols. Join in the fun and the spirit of Christmas by singing some traditional Christmas carols.




Memorable moments in the backyard.

Sometimes it is better to keep things simple and to meetup in the backyard of a family or a friend. It’s hard to beat homemade food and to participate in activities, whether it is Christmas games for the kids or a game of backyard cricket (as can be seen in the video below).





Capture these memories as they happen.

Christmas is a special time of year, but it only happens once a year. Relive the experience by capturing them on camera either as a photo or a video. Keep these photos close by creating prints that you can frame and cherish for a lifetime. Consider printing options from Cartridges Direct.

Every Christmas is unique. And even more so in Australia. It’s a time for family, friends, fun and

laughter. It’s a time for celebration; religious or reunion.Christmas can be at the beach or in the bush. Every moment is memorable. Instead of keeping it locked away in the phone print it out to make a memory to share.