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Improving Connectivity Through Mobile Printing

Improving Connectivity Through Mobile Printing
By Simon Williams
May 19, 2017

It is clear that a lot of stress is placed on being well-connected when it comes to technology, and implementing the most efficient solutions within your business to carry out even the simplest of tasks. With technology and connectivity making it easier to complete our daily jobs, it’s important that your business has the right technology to ensure smooth operation.

In such a fast-paced environment, technology has the opportunity to create the perfect answer to a problem when it arises. Getting on in business means being well connected and knowing how to take advantage of the best technology out there for your needs.

What was once the reliable, trusty and traditional PC is now being swapped for modern options including tablets, notebooks and laptops. With these devices becoming the computer of choice for many individuals and employees, there comes a whole host of new requirements.

Mobile printing solutions

Opting for portable devices such as a tablet or laptop can make life in the office much more seamless than ever before. You have the chance to take it with you to a meeting, move to a different part of the office or even take it home with you should you need to. With such devices becoming easier to use, with increased capabilities, it fits in perfectly with the recent trend of mobile workforces and flexibility in the workplace.

However, before opting for a switch to mobile devices, it’s crucial to understand what requirements you need. One of the most popular needs is the ability to print. After all, it’s all well and good working from a tablet but if you can’t print a contract or meeting notes then you may begin to feel restricted.

Mobile printing is in high demand for businesses who favour the likes of laptops and tablets, and perhaps even smartphones in some circumstances. This is why connectivity in the workplace can be so important. If you’re out the office and need something printed by the time you’re back, mobile printing offers you the perfect solution.

In addition to a hardwired ethernet connection many printers now offer Wi-Fi, one or more USB ports and even Near Field Connection (NFC) for tap’n’go printing. From a partnered device.

Solutions from the leading manufacturers

Making it easier to print, and easier to be connected within the workplace, is something that the leading manufacturers have taken into careful consideration. As such, there are new solutions emerging that enable mobile printing and allow you to work from a remote location effectively.

Nearly every printer manufacturer has now developed their own mobile solutions, in the form of mobile apps. With a simplified process and easy-to-use system, the likes of HP and Canon have wireless mobile printing capabilities so that you can print when out in the field.

Some may see giving access to a network from multiple devices through a printer as being a risk to security. But quality printer manufacturers  are aware of this and have included high levels of security to protect your data. Although the results of malware may not appear to be as calamitous as that depicted in the video, any unauthorised access to your files can be disastrous to you or your company.

Providing an ideal environment to continue working efficiently, workforces no longer have to be restricted to a desktop PC in order to be connected to the network or printer. Allowing employees to work this way, and giving them the right connectivity to do it properly, can actually result in a more productive workforce.

CartridgesDirect offer a wide range of printers from quality printer manufacturers, many of which feature high levels of connectivity to meet your or your business’ printing needs.