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In 2020 Home Printing Is Making A Comeback!

In 2020 Home Printing Is Making A Comeback!
By Simon Williams
August 3, 2020


We all remember a time when the home printer was an integral part of the home office dynamic. Perhaps it got you through schooling or university, applying for jobs, creative holiday projects, or was simply there just in case you needed it. Although as the workplace office printers advanced in their functionality and features, many home printers became an artefact that gathered dust, with empty cartridges occupying these once relied upon devices. Now in 2020, that narrative has changed again and many have furnished their modern home offices with an equally modern home printer. If you’re yet to make the move or still considering your options, allow us to paint a picture of what to expect from your home printer in working from home in the future.

Uncertainty for office printing

If one of the main reasons for you not investing in a home printer has been that you know your office printer is an elite model and just waiting for you to get back to the office - you need to reconcile with the fact that this might be a long way away, and even if you do get back it might be on a reduced schedule and your printer consumption rules might have changed. Furthermore, you might not actually need those amazing print features if you are the only one benefitting from them and can essentially strip back those benefits and rely upon a reputable home printer instead that is going to be a better fit for your current requirements. Make a list of the things that are necessary to have in your printer, and exclude the features that are no longer necessary now you are at home. This will leave you with a great place to start in finding your home printer.

One of the most popular home printers currently is the HP Envy 5030 which is not only affordable but comes power-packed with all-in-one functionality. Okay, so it's an inkjet printer which is not best suited for large volume printing. However, for the occasional prints that you would normally just do at work, it's the perfect companion.

Need for a self-reliant workspace

The current circumstances have identified a glaring need for the average worker to level up in their personal technology so that they can effectively do their job. When COVID-19 first hit, our workers were lucky to have a work laptop to their name and were expected to establish a work environment at home that was as productive as it was in the workplace. Not surprisingly, standing desks, chairs and monitors were sold out instantly, but as stock levels have been replenished, home workers have dedicated time and money into modernising their workspace and a printer is high on that list. A second screen can only pick up so much slack, as workers are requiring those tangible resources and printouts that allow them to do their work in a way they know works, not to mention having these prints feature on the walls and desk that they are dedicating to their work.

Connectivity to support remote working

One of the greatest advancements we have seen in printing is the connectivity options, and these are really coming to the party now that we work from home. Printing through an ethernet connection is an easy solution for those who want a no-fuss connection, whereas others will be able to connect their printer to the WiFi and be able to print with ease. Mobile printing is another great benefit to working from home, and perhaps one that wasn’t explored too readily in the confines of the office. Unlike other devices that connect to WiFi or the router, you really only need to set this up once and you are ready to go.

Claimable on tax

Tax time might have been far from your mind when COVID-19 hit, but now that you are used to this new normal you can have a better understanding of what your consumption rates are and define these figures into a robust report that you can then claim on tax. Your printer will be a taxable item if you purchased this to support your work from home environment, and your WiFi which supports your printer is also claimable during this period. If the price of a new printer had stalled your decision to buy one, feel free to talk to you tax agent about this fact so you can feel more supported in your purchase of the home printer knowing that you will see this investment back again in your tax return. Another tip is to include heating as a tax write off too if you are working from home in a colder state!


Home printing was never too far from the picture, and many organised individuals will have a home printer anyway to support those incidental requirements and weekend work. There has never been a better time to invest in a home printer and if you are unsure on which one is going to be the best for your work circumstances, you can visit our CartridgesDirect website and peruse the extensive range of home printers.