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Ink Cartridge Recycling Scheme and How to Get Involved

Ink Cartridge Recycling Scheme and How to Get Involved
By Simon Williams
November 29, 2016

We create pollution and fill our landfills without even realising we’re doing it; however, we are starting to have an increased awareness for recycling and just how important it is. You would be surprised by just how many things are actually recyclable, but many people may avoid it simply because they don’t realise their items can be recycled!


Nearly all the materials used to make an ink cartridge can be ethically recycled, but this is often a fact that slips under the radar. You can recycle a number of printing products, including mixed cartridges, laser and inkjet cartridges, print heads and toner bottles. As cartridges are made up of multiple materials, they are a significant part of the recycling scheme and can help to save many different resources.

How it works

This is why here at Cartridges Direct we have a collection programme to make it easier than ever before. If you have used and empty cartridges, don’t just throw them away; take advantage of our recycling scheme!

We have partnered with Close the Loop and Cartridges 4 Planet Ark to ensure cartridges are being recycled properly. Close the Loop is Australia’s biggest recycling and resource recovery company. They’re paid by major OEM suppliers to break down empty cartridges and re-use all the components to make new products.

What you need to do

Next time you order your OEM printer cartridges from us, simply select the button at the checkout and we will include a pre-paid cartridge satchel, addressed to Close the Loop. When you’re done with your ink cartridge, simply put it in the satchel! When the satchel is full, drop it into any Australia Post mailbox and you’re done.

Helping the environment has never been so easy. By recycling your ink cartridges, you are diverting waste away from the landfills and making sure the materials can be used again.

What’s more, recycling your items has a positive effect on the economy, providing a sustainable industry. Recycling waste has twice the impact of burying it in a landfill, and making new ink cartridges from scratch can be expensive.

So if you’re looking to do your bit for the environment today, check out our recycling scheme today.