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Introducing Compatible Printer Cartridges

Introducing Compatible Printer Cartridges
By Simon Williams
July 18, 2022

We’ve got great news for all you eco-conscious and budget-conscious printer users out there - so hopefully all of you! We’re excited to announce the launch of our expansive range of ethically sourced compatible printer cartridges!

That’s right! From hereon, CartridgesDirect now offers all customers compatible printer ink cartridges at competitive price points. All of our compatible ink cartridges come in XL or XXL sizing, meaning that each and everyone one of you can enjoy high page yields without having to pay premium prices for manufacturer-produced replacement ink cartridges.

If you’re wondering what sets compatible printer cartridges apart from manufacturer-produced cartridges, then the information we’ve laid out below will help you in your next printer cartridge purchasing decision. Read on to learn more about the compatible ink cartridges stocked here at CartridgesDirect, and a little more information about the history of these cartridges so that you can decide whether or not you want to make the swap to a reduced cost, yet still great quality alternatives to original printer cartridges.

What are compatible ink cartridges?

A “compatible ink cartridge” (also often referred to as “aftermarket cartridges”) is essentially the term given to any replacement ink cartridges that aren’t manufactured by that particular model’s printer manufacturer. In a nutshell, compatible ink cartridges are an alternative to ‘genuine’ or ‘original’ printer ink cartridges.

Despite the fact that compatible cartridges aren’t classified as ‘genuine’ printer ink cartridges, these compatible cartridges as we know them today, are a more than suitable alternative to manufacturer-produced printer cartridges for a few key reasons. Modern compatible printer ink cartridges that are produced by manufacturers who possess all the required technology and materials, are essentially designed to be identical to their genuine counterparts, both inside and outside.

So savvy printer users can remove all the doubt from purchasing compatible ink cartridges by ensuring that the manufacturer behind these cartridges is reputable. Or you could let our killer team of printer specialists here at CartridgesDirect handle sourcing high-quality compatible cartridges for you!

Who manufactures CartridgesDirect’s compatible cartridges?

All of our compatible cartridges available for purchase here at CartridgesDirect are supplied by one manufacturer that we’ve vetted thoroughly: G&G Ninestar. The majority of consumers may not have heard of this company before, but rest assured that G&G have been a major player in the global printer and printer supplies manufacturing industry for over twenty years.

Throughout their extensive production history, G&G have manufactured aftermarket cartridges for a broad range of printer manufacturers, including HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and many more. G&G compatible cartridges have had to contend against evolutions in the printer manufacturing industry. Some of the most notable challenges include the rise of smart printer software updates removing the compatibility of older generations of aftermarket cartridges, and the incorporation of increasingly technical components in the production of manufacturer-produced cartridges themselves.

Thankfully, one strategic move alongside many years of perfecting their craft, have allowed G&G Ninestar to produce modern compatible cartridges that may even rival the cost-value and quality of manufacturer-produced printer ink cartridges. That strategic move was the acquisition of Lexmark, one of the world’s most renowned printer manufacturers.

With the acquisition of Lexmark by G&G Ninestar, these compatible ink cartridge manufacturers finally had access to the same premium technologies and materials used by printer manufacturers. This business move ensured that G&G’s compatible printer ink cartridges were of a consistent level of quality when compared to their genuine counterparts, and that all the units of cartridges produced by G&G would maintain total compatibility, even in the face of software updates.

Are compatible ink cartridges recyclable?

As there were issues with printers reading compatible ink cartridges in the past, there were naturally also concerns surrounding the recyclability of these cheaper alternatives. Although earlier generations of compatible cartridges still used more or less the same fabrication materials and technology used in the production of genuine printer cartridges, there were a limited number of printer cartridge recycling programmes available at that point in time, with the majority of cartridges being recycled directly through printer manufacturers over third-party retailers or non-profit environmental organisations like Planet Ark.

Thankfully, the compatible ink cartridges we stock here at CartridgesDirect are recyclable for two major reasons. First of all, G&G Ninestar’s capability to produce compatible printer ink cartridges using the same materials and technological components found in manufacturer-produced cartridges, ensures that their compatibles can actually be recycled using all the same recycling processes practiced on manufacturer-produced cartridges. In the present day, there’s really no difference between recycling compatible printer ink cartridges and manufacturer-produced ink cartridges.

Secondly, there are more printer ink cartridge recycling schemes available to modern consumers now than there were for previous generations of compatible ink cartridges, meaning that it’s no longer just printer manufacturers recycling their own printer cartridges. Our own printer ink cartridge recycling programme here at CartridgesDirect accepts cartridges from all manufacturers, including our full range of compatible ink cartridges.

As our range of compatible printer ink cartridges are fully recyclable through CartridgesDirect’s printer ink cartridge recycling programme, our customers can reap the best of both worlds by shopping for higher value compatible cartridges that won’t even negatively impact your business or household’s carbon footprint. In other words, you no longer have to sacrifice your office sustainability for the sake of the bottom line.

Why buy compatible ink cartridges at CartridgesDirect?

Our printer specialists here at CartridgesDirect work hard to ensure that our full range of printers and printing supplies are of the highest quality for our valued customers. Alongside this, we have a company ethos that revolves around ethical consumption, meaning that we won’t sell any compatible printer ink cartridges that are of a lower quality or aren’t eligible to participate in cartridge recycling programmes.

All of our compatible printer ink cartridges are also only available in the largest cartridge size, meaning that we only stock high yield or ultra high yield compatibles. By doing so, we allow our customers to experience both superior quality and the best possible savings to boot.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to shop for manufacturer-produced cartridges or take advantage of all the benefits of aftermarket or compatible printer ink cartridges, when you shop at CartridgesDirect, you’ll get a quality assurance that can’t be rivalled by many other online printer and printing supplies retailers. And with our Price Match Promise, you can be rest assured that your printer cartridge purchase will be just as cost-efficient as it is ethical.

Want to know more about any of the printers, office technology, and printing supplies that we stock here at CartridgesDirect? Get in touch with our printer specialists for additional support or guidance with your next printer or ink cartridge purchase.