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Introducing Our Automated Ink And Toner Replenishment Service

Introducing Our Automated Ink And Toner Replenishment Service
By Simon Williams
August 12, 2017

Do you know what the financial cost would be if your business’s productivity ground to a halt? When businesses are at a standstill, they still have to maintain the overhead costs for the business’s operations. Labour still needs to be paid for, as well as electricity and other necessary costs. When productivity declines, the profitability of the business diminishes. And this has a greater impact on the business’s survival, jobs and growth.

One of the factors that’s often overlooked when it comes to productivity is printing. And printing productivity usually grinds to a halt due to the printer running out of ink or toner. This is also one of the biggest challenges for business owners, as they don’t usually know when to replace an ink cartridge until it is too late. It’s not uncommon for the printer to run out of toner when an important document needs to be printed. Not being able to print can potentially affect the business’s sales or revenue growth (for example, not being able to print essential proposals, invoices or reports); as well as causing unnecessary distractions as employees seek to solve the solution to a problem that they shouldn’t be tasked with.

Nobody enjoys buying replacement ink cartridges, but it is necessary if you want to sustain the productivity and profitability within an organisation. CartridgesDirect now offers an Automated Ink And Toner Replenishment Service, which will ensure that an organisation’s printer productivity runs seamlessly, and doesn’t affect the organisation’s overall productivity.

What’s the benefit of using an ink and toner replacement service?

The printer will always receive the ink cartridge before the printer runs out of ink. This is because the automated service uses a managed print system (also known as an MPS), which monitors the printer’s components, hardware, parts and supplies. It can also be used by an IT manager to allocate devices and reduce costs to the organisation.

CartridgesDirect uses AutoMATE™, which is designed for those organisations with smaller printing fleets and prevents the threat of unexpected ink toner outages caused by low ink or toner levels. This also prevents the threat of downtime and wasted resources when waiting for a new cartridge.

How can organisation’s use AutoMATE™?

AutoMATE™ needs to be downloaded and installed on a local host or server network. It will then identify the printers on that network and will send the information to CartridgesDirect. Cartridges Direct will then monitor the toner and will notify the organisation when their toner or ink needs to be replaced ahead of time, so there is no downtime with the organisation’s printer productivity. Once the order has been approved, CartridgesDirect will send the ink or toner cartridge to the customer and they will billed in their usual billing cycle.

Does your organisation use a managed print system at the moment? Or has your organisation ever found itself in the position where printing productivity has stopped and it’s affected the overall business operations?

Get in touch with CartridgesDirect to talk through your current printing setup to see how things can be improved for your organisation in the future.