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Is a “One size fits all” printing solution realistic for your organisation’s workgroups?

Is a “One size fits all” printing solution realistic for your organisation’s workgroups?
By Simon Williams
February 28, 2018

Recent generations of printers and MFPs offer greater connectivity, paper handling, speed and flexibility They are designed for use by a group of people who share data and facilities on a network.


With connectivity including Ethernet connection, wireless connection, NFC, multiple USB ports, phone line connection for fax,and mobile printing, they are designed to meet the needs of users with a range of devices both individually and as a group. They are a communications hub with file sharing capabilities.

Multiple paper trays, both standard and optioned, they offer choice of print media and sizes

Both laser and inkjet printers, especially the HP PageWide Range of inkjet printers, give high speed and economical printing.

Believe it or not, there are some organisations that have a workgroup of 10 or more people and the office manager invests in a cheap printer that is slow, prints in poor quality and can only connect to a couple of computers. In order to get the prints done, other employees need to email their documents to staff members that have printer access and it lowers the productivity of those people in the organisation.

Workgroups need a printing solution that will maximise the productivity within the organisation. This means:

  • Having a printer that is easily accessible by all people within the workgroup.
  • Having a printing solution that has minimal downtime.
  • Having a printing solution that produces high-quality prints that will meet the expectations of the people within the workgroups everytime.

What are some of the things that you will need to consider for your organisation’s workgroups?

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Printer accessibility

Can people within the workgroup access the printer through their device? For example, do they need to have a desktop computer with a printer cable attached? Or can they access the printer with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access?

Additionally, is the printing device compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops?

The printer’s online capability

If the printer is down, what kind of impact will it have on the workgroup’s productivity? One of the main issues is that the printer will run out of ink or toner. Will the volumes of ink or toner in the cartridges be sufficient enough for your workgroup’s needs? Or will you find that you will continually have to replace the ink cartridge?

Applications such as the CartridgesDirect AutoMate system makes sure that users always have a replacement cartridge on hand to cover this eventuality.

Multiple functionality

Do you find that your team relies on scanning, copying, faxing and printing documents? If this is the case, can they do it with the one printing device or do they need to connect to several different devices in order to maximise their productivity?

Printing speed

In business, time is money. Slow printing speeds will have a knock-on effect for those employees whose day-today tasks involve printing. If an employee spends up to one hour a week waiting for documents to be printed, and their rate of pay is $25 an hour. Over the course of a year, that is potentially an additional cost of $1300 per employee. If your workgroup has 10 staff, that’s potentially an additional $13,000 in costs to your business because of an ineffective workgroup printing solution.


With new data breach reporting laws in force since February 2018 Security is now a key issue. With potential penalties of nearly $2 million, network security is paramount.. Printer manufacturers today recognise that a printer could possibly have been used to gain unauthorised access to a network and have therefore installed security on their printers.

Multiple users with multiple access methods poses a security challenge that the printer has to meet. Today’s printers and MFPs meet the security challengein many ways. With care and consideration printer security is no longer a major issue.

Are you confident that your organisation’s printing solutions will keep up with your workgroups’ printing demands?

Ask the people within your workgroup how they find your organisation’s current setup? If they say that the solution is inadequate, then it is worth looking into more viable solutions. Additionally, you can contact a team member from Cartridges Direct who can advise you on the recommended workspace printing solutions on the market.