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Keep Your Business Safe with HP Secure Printing

By Simon Williams
April 24, 2017



No matter what industry you’re in, there is no doubt that you put measures in place to protect your business from outside threats. This is particularly true of industries that deal with sensitive or confidential information; security is key. From your network to your server, security measures must be put in place to protect your data. However, many companies forget that printers must be equipped with secure software too; if forgotten, it could cause major problems for the business.


Any internet connected device with an IP address, that most printers are these days, can be used as a backdoor to a network. This can cause sites to collapse and create disastrous results. However, HP have brought in a number of measures to help prevent this.


What are the risks in printer security?

If your business is running a fleet of unprotected printers, you are at risk of a number of issues. These could be incredibly detrimental and even result in significant financial loss for the company.


Across a number of reports published by Ponemon Institute, some of the risks and costs of unprotected printing have been revealed. In a survey in 2015, 60% of companies surveyed admitted to a data breach involving printers. 64% of IT managers state their printers are likely to be infected with malware. The average cost of cybercrime such as this is $7.7million, thanks to fines, loss of business and damaged reputations.


IDC’s IT survey in 2015 revealed a list of potential print-related security breaches. These included; malicious threats, exposure of documents, unauthorised use and the company’s ability to identify the culprits of such acts.

With so many different things to consider when it comes to print security, HP have developed a number of solutions  to help protect your business better than ever before.

Common printing vulnerability points have also been identified, and the list is extensive. The control panel is one such area, as users may be able to exploit the device settings. The storage media on printers could be at risk, as they may store sensitive information. The likes of abandoned or unclaimed documents could also fall into the wrong hands very easily. The network itself is an area of risk too, as jobs may be intercepted as they travel to or from a device.


HP Print Security

Implementing HP print security does so much more than just protect your printers; it can help to secure your entire network. With features such as real-time threat detection and unique built-in software across their devices, there are so many options available that there’s really no excuse.


HP have developed security measures in 3 main areas; device, data and documents. Features include the ability to detect and self-heal from attacks automatically, or even stopping an attack as it happens.


Software solutions help to ensure that only authenticated users and devices can access your print network. Access Control Secure Authentication requires a login process, such as a PIN code or smartcard, and tracks use of your devices.


Other features of HP’s secure solutions include pull print software; this allows staff to print jobs on secure cloud queues and release only from a compatible HP device. Thanks to HP, you can make sure that documents remain confidential and unclaimed prints don’t go amiss.

After all, if you aren’t taking your printer security seriously, your business could be under serious threat.