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Let AutoMATE keep your eye on the ball.

Let AutoMATE keep your eye on the ball.
By Simon Williams
December 31, 2017

One of the biggest printing challenges is knowing when a printer is about to run out of ink or toner. AutoMATE, the new service from CartridgesDirect, keeps an eye on the toner and ink levels, raises the paperwork for you.and makes sure that you have the right cartridge, in the right place and at exactly the right time to eliminate printing downtime.

Annoying Moment Without AutoMate


For just one user any printer downtime can be annoying, but most business printers are used by workgroups accessing it on a network, wirelessly or remotely. When two or three users are accessing the one printer any delay is frustrating for everyone. In larger workgroups, which can be as many as 15 users, the delay is catastrophic. There may not be anyone nearby to keep an eye on it so no-one may notice the low ink or toner level warning. If it’s ignored the print quality will drop fairly quickly or the printer will stop working.. All too often the first you hear about low toner or ink is when a frustrated user complains that the printer’s not working. That’s not just inconvenient for the one user whose print job has failed, but for all the others using that printer as well. They can’t print anything either.

Then comes the ordering of a replacement cartridge, the raising of the paperwork and the ordering. Finally there’s the wait for the new one to arrive.

It’s bad enough with one printer, but with two or more it’s almost a full time job just monitoring toner and ink levels and reordering replacements.

There must be an easier way. A way that not only monitors the ink and toner levels, but lets you know long before anyone gets frustrated and work stops and then orders the right replacement cartridge so that you have it ready as soon as it is needed.

Something to keep an eye on the printers and keep them operating at full speed all the time.

Now there is! It’s the new AutoMATE service from CartridgesDirect.

How does AutoMATE work?

If you have laser printers or HP Pagewide printers, you can have AutoMATE installed on your local printer and server. When playing tennis it’s no use waiting until the ball has nearly hit the ground before deciding what shoot to play and where to place it on return.. You need to make those decisions long before that .Printers generally only notify you of the ink or toner levels are nearly empty. It keeps an eye on your ink or toner levels and, before any of the, get critical it automatically raises an order to CartridgesDirect and lets you decide if a new cartridge is necessary/ It’s as easy as saying your ABCs.

Why is it ideal to have AutoMATE in place?

The team from Cartridges Direct realised the impact that printer downtime can have to a business. Being printer cartridge suppliers for over ten years, we’d often see the printing capabilities minimised or grind to a halt whilst they were waiting for their new cartridges to arrive.

The development of AutoMATE allows the real-time monitoring of the ink cartridges ink or toner levels and the notifies the printer owner to replace the cartridges in advance so that there is no downtime once the cartridge (or cartridges) are completely depleted.

AutoMeta Relieves You

Partnering with Cartridges Direct and AutoMATE is also a sustainable solution.

If you want to close the loop when it comes to recycling your used ink cartridges, Cartridges Direct can help. Let AutoMATE do the work. You push the buttons, and we’ll take care of recycling your used cartridges.

How can you learn more about AutoMate?

You can click here to learn more about AutoMATE and how it works. If you are interested in setting up AutoMate at your home or at your business, fill in the form on the page and request a representative to call you back.