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By Simon Williams
September 21, 2018

It’s school holidays again and time for the age old question, “How do I keep the kids occupied with something other than screen time?”

It’s a parents dream to have their children being creative, using their imagination and, importantly, quiet, during the holidays.

Now, courtesy of Cartridges Direct, Canon, HP, Epson, a printer, some paper and some basic craft tools,here is a way to keep everyone happy, involved and creative throughout the holidays.

Welcome to Creative Screen Time.

Colouring in

“I don’t like colouring in,” said no child ever. That’s why they all have crayons, pens,pencils, paints, acrylics and other ways of colouring in. Somehow they multiply each Birthday, Christmas and every other special occasion. They are the favourite go to present. Colouring In Books can be expensive if you need a lot of them and they can be thematic with all the images dealing with similar subjects. The solution is simple. Go to your favourite search engine, type in colouring in printables and you will find thousands of downloadable PDFs on every imaginable subject and for every age group

 It’s easy for kids to print out as many as they need and then get to work colouring in the images rather than playing games on the computer.


Printable Crafts

Although colouring in is fun for kids and, increasingly, adults, there are plenty more things to do with a little bit of creativity a computer and a printer. Model Making is fun for all ages and there are thousands of downloadable PDF templates for thousands of 3D models made from A4 sheets of paper.
Canon Creative Park has a vast number of projects ranging from card making through art projects including Origami,  through to Paper Craft models including these two favourites


It’s not just cute creatures though. There are vehicles, paper planes, astonishing science projects and famous buildings from around the world.


Creating Memories

Holidays are not just about staying home. There’s plenty of ‘out time’ to be enjoyed as well. Places to go, people to see, things to do, memories to make. And of course, photos to take.
These days everyone seems to have a phone and with that phone is a camera. In the past, when we were kids, you didn’t have a camera with you all the time and so there was only memory to capture the moment.How times have changed! Your children are able catch every moment on camera., unlike us who have little or no lasting evidence of our past to share.
Memories stored on a phone are soon forgotten, especially after the phone is replaced. Once the phone is gone the photos cannot be replaced. Unless they are printed onto photo paper.




HP Photo Creations has numerous ideas for preserving those phone memories for a lot longer. There are templates to make buntings and decorations, using photos, for special events. There are templates for all sorts of cards for all sorts of occasions as well as templates for calendars, collages for wall decorations. Now your children’s memories will last longer than their phones!

Games and Puzzles

The printer can produce more than templates for paintings, models and photos. There templates for brain puzzles as well. The Epson Creative Corner has lots of puzzles, games and creative tools for those who want to exercise their brains as well as their artistic talents. Here there are Crossword Puzzles, Games, Mazes and a hilarious short story composer for two people called Mad Libs. Another fun activity is creating fridge magnets by combining an A4 printed sheet with self adhesive magnetic sheets, There are templates for speech bubbles so your photos on the fridge can speak, or there are word sheets where the words can be stuck to a self adhesive magnetic sheet and cut out. They can then be arranged on the fridge door to create a poem or a random word generator.


These are just a few ideas to keep the kids, happy, busy and quiet during the holidays. Just checking out these sites will give you ideas that you would never imagine were possible and they can reduce the screen time significantly during the holidays.

Your kids will never run out of things to do but always remember; if your printer should run low on ink or toner because of all the activity during the holidays just click here to order new Original Printer Cartridges from CartridgesDirect and you’ll have them the next day. Let the fun begin!