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Make a difference in your community by recycling cartridges.

Make a difference in your community by recycling cartridges.
By Simon Williams
February 1, 2017

This generation lives in a world where items are easily disposable. In the past, it was fine to dispose of items because all of them were biodegradable. With the advancement of science and technology, new materials through the combination of chemical compounds have allowed humanity to create products that are far more durable, but take much longer to biodegrade.

One of those items is the ink cartridge. For the many benefits that it provides, it also comes with environmental consequences if it isn’t disposed of in an ethical way. One of the biggest problems is that people can’t see the impact beyond the bin that they are disposing their items in.

The most common threat that is promoted is the impact that it will have on future generations. But what most people fail to see is how it can impact them in the short-term.

The biggest issue is around health. If these items aren’t distributed to ethical recyclers, the chemical elements that are found within these items will most likely contaminate the local environment. Typically, this will contaminate waterways and wildlife. It will also set off a dangerous chain of events that will affect the food chain, with the most serious health issue being cancer.


You can make a difference by implementing some of the following practices in your organization or your home.

Partner with an ethical ink cartridge supplier like Cartridges Direct.

One of the quickest actions you can implement is partnering with an ink cartridge supplier that has an existing relationship with ethical recyclers. As long as your used ink cartridges are mailed back for recycling, they will be processed into new products such as recycled pens. This helps towards closing the loop and minimizing waste.

Encourage people within your workplace to work towards a zero-waste policy.

Encourage your staff to come up with creative ways to avoid contributing to waste. Some of the ways this can be achieved include:

  • Replacing disposable items such as paper towels, plastic and paper cups, plastic utensils and even plastic or paper plates with reusable equivalents.
  • Take recyclable bags when shopping, rather than opting for new plastic bags.
  • Place unused items that can be recycled in a storage area for others to collect and reuse as they please.

If you would like to learn more, get in touch with the Cartridges Direct team today!