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Maximise the impact of your photo prints with these 6 tips.

Maximise the impact of your photo prints with these 6 tips.
By Simon Williams
October 25, 2017

It was less than 20 years ago that you would have to enrol the services of a professional photographer to give you vibrant, crisp photos that would capture the story and emotion in an image. It was only those professionals who could make ordinary photos appear extraordinary. Fast forward to today’s age and it seems like it isn’t difficult to take an amazing picture, but people still have trouble getting the perfect print photo. Sometimes it is from the way the photo is taken. Other times, it is due to the equipment that they are using.

Here are a few steps to ensure you can take and print an extraordinary photo.

Use the rule of thirds when taking a photo.

This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when taking a photo. You want to make sure that you follow the rule of thirds to capture the frame setting in your photo. This will allow the person that is viewing the photo to navigate and follow certain directions within the photo. For example, you may want the viewer of the photo to follow certain lines like a horizon or a landscape. Or you may want them to focus on a particular object or a model. When composing the photo imagine it divided by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. Try to get the part that you want the viewer to focus on along one of these lines or where they intersect.

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Crop the photo if necessary.

When you take a photo, you don’t have to keep everything that you see. Less can often be more. So look at the photo to see if there is a way to minimise any noise or distractions. Cropping out these will often make the central object or objects within the photo “pop”.Many photo editing Apps for both iPhone and Android devices are free. They will allow you to alter the photo in many ways including cropping to make your favourite photos to follow the rule of thirds if necessary.

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Print on high-quality photo paper.

The great visuals of your photo won’t be represented if you choose to print on a low-quality paper. Photo Printing Paper is coated to give the best printed results. The colours are more vibrant and sharper, The colours will fail to pop and the sharpness of the image may appear lacklustre. Ensure that you use high-quality photo paper so that the prints appear as vibrant as possible.  

Retouch the photo if necessary.

You can easily tweak the photo in photoshop of even apply premade filters to give your photos a more “enriching effect”. There are many free Apps available for your Smartphone that will allow you to manipulate the picture to your liking.


Use high-quality ink cartridges from OEMs.

The ink cartridges that you use will determine the outcome and the longevity of your photo prints. Original Ink Cartridges, those made by the same people who made your printer, will give the best and most cost efficient prints.Independent tests have shown that OEM Inks are more fade resistant to give long lasting prints.All Original Printer Cartridges are guaranteed to work with Using ink cartridges that aren’t from OEMs could potentially ruin the outcome of the photo prints that you are trying to achieve.

All the tools you need.

With a Smartphone, an inkjet printer and a little bit of thought your photos can be more than a chronicle of your family history. You can put your creative talents on display for years to come.


Are you ready to get better quality photo prints? Start applying these 6 tips today.