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Meet The Beast: HP Presents The Confronting Creature Australia Has Created

Meet The Beast: HP Presents The Confronting Creature Australia Has Created
By Simon Williams
October 1, 2019

The topic of recycling makes for stimulating conversion at work or home, although for most individuals it remains just that; conversation. HP has created a solution that brings a face to the nation's waste problem, eliminating any ignorance or uncertainty that may exist surrounding this epidemic. Introducing The Beast, a terrifyingly tangible reflection of plastic consumption and waste, designed to confront society and initiate change. 

Who (or what) is The Beast?

HP and their partners may just change the way you view an innocent bottle of water. Standing at a menacing 4 metres tall and weighing in at 200kg, The Beast has been created by HP using 2,400 plastic water bottles. The result is not a pretty sight. The Beast represents a very real (and visual) threat to our fragile environment and ocean creatures. The Beast also shows the mass of plastic that is received and responsibly recycled through HP and their diligent partners, all of which are supported and enforced by CartridgesDirect. The Beast was visited by over 17,000 people on its tour of The Australian Maritime Museum and Sydney’s Circular Quay, shocking and inspiring the masses with the grotesque display. These locations were no accident, portraying the threat to our beautiful waters with parts of the plastic breaking into nanoparticles that penetrate and ultimately harm and kill vulnerable sea creatures. With the short but significant tour coming to a close, The Beast will now be broken down and 100% of the materials will be recycled, finally closing the loop. 

The brains behind The Beast

HP have long been crusaders for sustainably, relying on the support and existing procedures set in place by Close The Loop and Planet Ark. HP is also a founding member of Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, playing a critical role in the education and management of recyclable ink and toner cartridges. The Beast exercise is a clever and confronting way of driving home what a plastic dependant society looks like but also showing how it can be responsibly repurposed. This 200kg mass can be used for good to produce future technology or bad and be discarded into our oceans, the weight of this decision lies with every individual. To date, HP has proudly transformed 8.3 million plastic bottles into ink and toner cartridges, with aggressive plans to multiple this figure in the near future. 

How can you protect your environment from The Beast?

The Beast serves a greater purpose than simply shocking and inspiring its viewers, with the resonating message being that plastic is a dangerous material if the loop is not closed. Supporting the cause by buying HP products from CartridgesDirect is contributing to the substantial efforts that are being managed, explored and actioned by HP and their partners. When these items are used, placing them in the correct bins will allow for the precious materials to be used once again, bringing the circular economy to reality, and keeping The Beast at bay.

Not sure how you can be a part of this fight? CartridgesDirect operate under the ethos of a sustainable future, and our knowledgeable staff can walk you through how you can bring these practices to your home or office. You can also check out our range online, simply visit CartridgesDirect online or call 1300 765 575.