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New Fuel: Set Your Printer Up For A Sustainable 2019

New Fuel: Set Your Printer Up For A Sustainable 2019
By Simon Williams
December 17, 2018

Sustainability is the buzzword of the minute. Given the environmental condition of our present and future - there couldn’t be a more pressing topic to discuss. Add sustainability to your office agenda in the new year, and reap the philanthropic rewards of corporate responsibility and environmental education within your greater workplace community.

Recycling Your Cartridges

Recycling cartridges is a relatively new concept, and it is being widely embraced by organisations that are in support of implementing sustainable changes. Just as single use plastics can no longer be found in supermarkets, that same mentality is being adopted and applied to the best printing cartridges. So, how does it work, and what it expected of your business? The Close The Loop organisation have led the charge by collecting empty printer cartridges and either refilling them with new ink or breaking them down into materials that are then repurposed for future product lines.

Second-Use Paper

Generally speaking, most individuals have a good understanding of office etiquette. But maybe some of us need a refresher. Printing makes our lives a lot easier, but it shouldn’t be abused. Set the standard in your workplace for recycling paper to avoid unnecessary wastage. Start slow with adding a basket to your printing area, topped with papers that are no longer needed and only have content on one side. These papers can also be used for other purposes - the idea is that they are used in place of fresh new sheets.

Limit Your Colour Usage

We’ve all worked in that office with the slightly passive aggressive notes around the place, alerting us what we can and cannot do. The constant message about only using colour if you need to? That’s a message worth listening to, and following. Colour ink is not only more expensive, but it requires more materials that can be costly to our environment. Decide on circumstances, or even departments, that warrant colour printing and work together as a collective to reduce your intake of colour ink.

Introduce Second Screens

Many offices have dual-screens, and it’s not to appear more hardworking. Introducing a second screen will reduce the need for your team to print, as they will be able to see twice the amount of content in front of them. Depending on the structure of your business, this will not be possible for all in 2019. But if you are very serious about recycling, you can even get your hands on a second-hand screen to start your team on the path to a new mindset.

More Face Time

There are organisations out there that have days dedicated to face-only contact. The premise is simple. Decide on a day (or even a few hours of a day) in which everyone in the office must deliver information face to face. These initiatives are typically driven by HR departments, trying to increase contact and cement engagement within the workplace. It also has the upside of reducing printer wastage with contact being verbal. Pending business needs, this can be a fun endeavour carried out on a friday with a willing team.

New year, new goal. Sustainable measures are not going away, so try to measure your efforts in the new year, and share the responsibility among the office. It also sends a message to your external market that your business values sustainability, which may in turn invite new stakeholders, customers or even talent.