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Obituary For Printing? A Little Premature

Obituary For Printing? A Little Premature
By Simon Williams
October 29, 2019

There is a belief that ‘new’ is better, and all traditional methods expire like the once-reliable VCR. The truth is, all technology is not made equal and printing has never been more trusted and vital to our personal and professional needs than it is today. Despite the appetite to incorporate devices into all aspects of our lives, printing continues to work in tandem with this digital movement. In many cases, printing technology is actually inspiring change and leading the pack, accepting that the demand for printing technology is not waning, but growing. Here’s why you won’t be seeing the back of your printer any time soon.

In-step with sustainability 

Unfortunately, there are not too many examples of technology manufactures acting in a responsible and sustainable way, but the recycling innovation seen from the printing industry sets an example for society. Laying new roads with recycled cartridges is just one of the movements we have seen in the last 12 months, as well as 8.3 million plastic bottles used to create future printing technology. The preservation and recycling of these intricate materials bring the circular economy to life, without a fear that cartridge production is using virgin materials unnecessarily. These accolades have not materialised overnight, but rather a continuous effort from Close The Loop, Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, and the unique programs designed by some of the largest names in printing. With printing technology leading change at the office and at home, it shows how printing has grown in-step with environmental and societal drivers, striving to improve and educate. 

The value of print spans many generations

If you thought that millennials were only using their digital mediums, you would be wrong. Research has suggested that younger generations value printed productions, with 77% believing physical documents are critical in the workplace. Now rather than offering a standalone printing experience, modern printing technology has assimilated with the digital movement to offer printing units that facilitate mobile printing through Bluetooth and wifi. The same research study has suggested that mobile printing will be a huge growth area in the years to come, with printing technology already poised to offer this convenient solution.

Compliant with security needs

The discussion around security is one that has increased in importance over the last decade, with business owners looking for new ways to stay compliant and eliminate risk in their organization. Printing technology has grown with this requirement, embedding software platforms into printing units so that management and IT teams can access or rewrite printing history. Printing is now included in IT security strategies, limiting access, preventing virus risks and applying PDF encryption where necessary. Printing will continue to be a permanent fixture of many offices, as there is a trust that printing and scanning can be achieved without compromising the security of any team or business.

The growing CartridgesDirect community is indicative of the need and interest in printing technology and materials, with no substitute delivering the same impact. If you would like to learn more about how your printing is both sustainable and secure, our knowledgeable service staff can be contacted on 1300 765 575, or visit our website.