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Epic Office Setup For Under $3,000

Epic Office Setup For Under $3,000
By Simon Williams
June 3, 2022

Equipping a modern office space with all the technology and other professional tools that you may need can be a fairly daunting task, even if all the purchases you make are fully tax-deductible. Knowing just what resources you’ll need to make your workspace as functional and supportive of your professional needs as possible will naturally take a fair amount of research, and potentially even some trial and error. That being said, buying office tech and other essentials before you really know too much about those particular products is a recipe for disaster, as this method can rapidly lead to you depleting your office essentials budget in next to no time at all.

So how do you ensure that all your office essentials like monitors, printers, desks, and IT cables, are all items that you’ll absolutely need over simply being impulse buys? There are two ways in particular that you can make sure that all the office gadgets and other essentials you source for your office space are what you actually need. First, set yourself a very firm budget for purchasing all your office tech. Secondly, do plenty of independent research into the tech and other office essentials that you’re hoping to purchase to make absolutely certain that all products will serve a purpose in your workspace.

At CartridgesDirect, we want to offer our support for both of these key elements of your office design and development process. That’s why we’ll be taking a closer look at some of our best office essentials available for under $2,000 at our online store. Read on to get a head start on sourcing the best office setup for your budget.

lg 27UP850 ips 4k monitor with vesa display hdr

1. LG 27UP850 IPS 4K Monitor with Vesa DisplayHDR

Brand: LG
Price: From $790 + Free Shipping 

Ideally, all modern office spaces should be equipped with plenty of high-quality, anti-glare displays, just to ensure that professionals can work comfortably throughout the day and with minimal risks of eye strain. But an anti-glare display is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this LG 27 '' IPS 4K Monitor and its major selling points.

With its UHD and 3-side borderless, Vesa HDR display, this 27UP850 Monitor from LG is a monster of a desk accessory to say the very least, and is likely to be a major asset for any professionals who work with photography, video editing, or graphic design and animation technologies, or simply anybody who wants to have a large enough screen to keep multiple windows open with ease.

The 27UP850 Monitor is also wall-mountable with the use of a 100 x 100 mm wall mount, making it perfect for any standing desk set-ups, or even for use in smaller conference room spaces as a built-in screen for presentations. The 27” screen should be well-suited to rooms that measure up at around 5 metres long, depending on the media types that you’ll be presenting on the screen as well as the room’s seating arrangement.

If you’re not looking to wall-mount this behemoth office monitor, you can take full advantage of its centrally positioned stand, which allows for monitor users to tilt or pivot the monitor or even adjust its height with minimal fuss. The LG 27UP850 Monitor boasts two HDMI ports, a USB-C port, a DisplayPort, and also uses a 96W universal USB-C connection for its power, meaning it will be a piece of cake finding replacement AC cables for this monitor over the foreseeable future.

Buy LG 27UP850 4K Monitor →

steel series apex pro keyboard

2. SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard

Brand: Steelseries
Price: From $370 + Free Shipping 

If you’re in an industry that sees you typing thousands if not tens of thousands of words a day, then arguably the most essential office essential that you’re likely to procure for yourself is a reliable keyboard. Granted, the computer technologies market is overflowing with a great variety of keyboards to choose from, ranging from wireless mechanical keyboards, to wired keyboards, and even keyboards that are literally just numeric pads. So what’s the perfect keyboard for you?

The SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard is considered by many tech enthusiasts to be the biggest leap in mechanical keyboard tech and design since the invention of the mechanical switch itself back in 1984. What makes the Apex Pro such a must-have keyboard for all fast and furious typers? Not only are the tactile keys incredibly satisfying to use, but the touch sensitivity and adjustability of each and every switch truly makes the Apex Pro stand out from the crowd.

Alongside this, the Apex Pro also has a built-in OLED display that you can use to effortlessly adjust your keyboard settings, control music and volume, and even swap through preprogrammed RGB lighting designs. The Apex Pro also comes with an accompanying magnetic wrist rest to keep your hands nice and comfortable during hours of typing, as well as a USB passthrough port that essentially allows you to plug USB sticks or receivers into your computer without even needing to touch your computer’s own USB ports. They can just connect right into your keyboard and communicate with your PC or laptop wirelessly from there! Talk about convenience!

Buy Steelseries Apex Pro Keyboard →

steelseries aerox 3 wireless mouse

3. SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse

Brand: Steelseries
Price: From $195 + Free Shipping 

Of course, any killer keyboard deserves a superior mouse to match, which is exactly why the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse also had to join this list of our must-have office essentials. Weighing just 68g and boasting a hypnotizingly perforated casing for added agility and dexterity, the Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse has been called one of the ultimate gaming mice from the reviewers at PC Gamer for a few notable reasons.

First of all, the mouse’s unique design is just as functional as it is eye-catching, with its perforated design effectively allowing the mouse to become one of the lightest gaming mice on the market today. Alongside this, the Aerox 3 packs a whopping 200 hours of battery life, thanks to its ultra high-performance battery that weighs literally just 13g.

The Aerox 3’s latest generation Golden Micro IP54 rated switches are also water and dust resistant for optimum performance, as well as being durability tested to last for an estimated 80 million clicks. That’s roughly three times the lifespan of other gaming mice available on the market today.

But what benefits does the Aerox 3 hold for professionals? How about USB-C connectivity for total convenience, as well as 100% pure PTFE glide skates for smooth scrolling and manoeuvring? That, and the Aerox 3 will look right at home when paired with your Apex Pro keyboard!

Buy Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse →

adesso a4 5-megapixel visual presenter

4. Adesso A4 5-Megapixel Autofocus Visual Presenter

Brand: Adesso
Price: From $220 + Free Shipping 

This next one is an office essential that may come in particularly handy for any professionals who work remotely, or may even need to conduct presentations to a remote team or workers or students. The Adesso A4 5-Megapixel Autofocus Visual Presenter is essentially a new-age, micro-projector that allows device users to present an A4-sized document digitally.

The Adesso Presenter’s 5 megapixel CMOS colour image sensor, built-in LED lights, and auto-focus capture technologies, allow the Presenter to convert physical documents, photographs, and other A4-sized presentations into high-quality digital files. From here, the Presenter also allows device users to name, save, and organise these files, greatly simplifying the process of preparing digital presentation materials.

The Adesso Presenter also allows users to make live edits to digital presentations, documents, and even photographs as they’re recording or streaming by using video scribing software, ensuring that your presentations or lectures are as interactive and engaging as possible.

Buy Adesso A4 5MP Visual Presenter →


5. TerraMaster F4-421 4 Bay Professional NAS

Brand: TerraMaster
Price: From $689 + Free Shipping 

If you’re a creative professional like a photographer or graphic designer and have been on the hunt for a storage server that’s large enough to handle all your professional work or even maintain archives of past projects, then look no further than the TerraMaster F4-421. This 4 Bay Professional NAS (network attached storage) is the ultimate office accessory for any and all professionals who seek to keep company or even sensitive client data safe and secure without having to invest in costly cloud storage subscription plans.

The F4-421 server is fitted with two USB ports, one HDMI port, and two ethernet ports to support network aggregation, effectively ensuring easy network access at all times and even in the event that your office network ever experiences a service interruption. Alongside ensuring total network connectivity, the F4-421 uses six individual security layers, including hardware folder encryption, network transport encryption, a Btrfs file system, and multi RAID array security.

As it has space to fit four separate hard drives of varying size configurations, the F4-421 NAS may be just as essential for small to medium sized enterprises with a minimal amount of digital storage necessities. In a nutshell, if you’re hoping to use secure storage in your office space, a secure storage server that’s as small and powerful as this is sure to be a sound investment.

Buy TerraMaster F4-421 Pro NAS →

eve indoor air quality monitor

6. Eve Indoor Air Quality Monitor Thread Enabled

Brand: Eve
Price: From $198 + Free Shipping 

Compatible with the Apple HomeKit, the Eve Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a simple yet elegant solution to ensuring that your office air quality stays nice and level from the morning to evening, and from summer to winter. With the Eve Monitor’s E Ink screen, this nifty, little monitor is incredibly easy to read, and will be a valuable addition to any shared or central space in your wider office or workplace environment.

This latest generation of the Eve Indoor Air Quality Monitor is also Thread-enabled, meaning that this handy little monitor can connect up with all Apple Home accessories to provide real-time air quality readings, as well as maintain records of past readings. The monitor also supports Siri voice commands, allowing device users to interact with the monitor remotely and with minimal fuss.

Buy Eve Indoor Air Quality Monitor →

lindy usb 3.2 laptop dock

7. Lindy USB3.2 USB-C Laptop Dock

Brand: Lindy
Price: From $160 + Free Shipping 

A good laptop dock is essential for any professionals who are constantly connecting additional devices and desktop accessories like monitors to their laptops or work PCs. This particular USB 3.2 USB-C Laptop Dock designed by the people at Lindy, has to be one of our absolute favourites here at CartridgesDirect not just for its unbeatable and highly reasonable price, but also because of the sheer number of ports that this dock actually packs.

With two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, and also a 4K enabled HDMI port, a DP port, gigabit ethernet port, and a 3.5mm audio port for headphone or microphone connectivity, this USB-C laptop dock is the ultimate laptop accessory for all creative professionals, or even just serious tech heads too! On top of all of this, this Lindy USB-C laptop dock also comes fitted with an SD card reader, meaning this may very well be an essential piece of tech for photographers, videographers, and all other creative professionals who are regularly using external storage devices.

Buy Adesso A4 5MP Visual Presenter →

bloody gaming chair 330

8. Bloody Gaming Chair 330

Brand: Bloody
Price: From $200 + Free Shipping 

All good work starts with a good foundation, and there’s no better foundation than a comfortable chair. A good desk chair can keep you working without complaint and compromise through your entire workday, from your first cup of coffee in the morning and until the sun sets in the evening, although we advise against working days that are that egregiously long! The point is that you can do just that when you’re sitting in a highly supportive desk chair.

We’re inclined to recommend the Bloody GC330, a gaming chair that’s truly built like no other. Built with high-density foam for total support and comfort combined, and shaped for optimal lumbar support, the GC330 is just as suitable for your 9-to-5 as it is for your evening gaming sessions. The chair is also capable of making a handful of armrest, height, and recline adjustments, so that you can sit however you like, and adjust your preferred settings just as easily.

The Bloody Gaming Chairs are available in a range of colours, but a red chair would not go amiss, as Bloody’s signature blood red hand print really tends to pop when you adhere to the brand’s own killer colour scheme, pun unintended.

Buy Bloody Gaming Chair 330 →


Want to explore some of our other office technology and essentials, all hand-picked to suit the needs of independent professionals, remote workers, and even start-up enterprises? Browse all of our wares available at CartridgesDirect today, or contact our friendly team to place a direct enquiry about any of the products or tech goods that we offer!