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ORIA's Awards!

ORIA's Awards!
By Simon Williams
October 5, 2016

Many of you have already voted in the Online Retail Industry awards and that has put CartridgesDirect in the list of the Top 100 Online Retailers in Australia. We really appreciate your efforts and appreciation of the service that we offer.

Online Retailing has grown exponentially over the past decade since CartridgesDirect entered the field as an early adopter of the technology. It offers more people more choice with success to products that they could never have access to without it. Consumers across the nation have the ability to purchase almost everything no matter where they live. It is the great equaliser between metropolitan and non-metropolitan living with the ability to purchase a total range of products.

Online Retailing is not as simple as it sounds, however. It requires a hardworking and dedicated team to get the order into the purchaser’s hands. Not all the members of that team are employed by the retailer but also requires the efforts of contractors such as StarTrack to deliver the purchase into your hands in the shortest time and with the highest accuracy.

It saves time as instead of waiting for the weekend to make a purchase you can order on the Monday and have it in your hands on the Tuesday. For many this is a huge advantage and frees up the weekend to be with the family with all the advantages that offers.

To grow in this competitive area an online retailer must keep abreast of technology advances and adopt them where applicable. CartridgesDirect have always done this. To keep customers a company has to be innovative and prepared to pioneer new services to give ahead. Again CartridgesDirect have excelled, and will continue to excel in innovation into the future with customer service at the very highest level.

Now there are hundreds of thousands of companies interacting with their customers online, in fact there are very few companies that don’t have an online presence. So we at CartridgesDirect are deeply honoured by the recognition by our customers of the efforts made by all our team by making us one of the top 100 Online Retailers in Australia.