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Price of Cartridges: Myths Uncovered

Price of Cartridges: Myths Uncovered
By Simon Williams
June 29, 2017

Printer cartridges are often a necessity for many businesses and homes across the country, allowing us to print off meeting reports or other such important documents. As such, they aren’t something we can go without in a business environment; imagine your office without a working printer? We’re not sure it would last for very long! Whether you work in a small start-up company, or a global organisation, having the right technology can be incredibly important to the daily running of the office.

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that quality technology doesn’t necessarily come cheap; after all, you wouldn’t buy the cheapest computer and expect it to work to the same standard as a high-end machine. So, if you’re taken aback by the seemingly costly price of printer cartridges, consider why they might seem on the expensive end of the scale.

Many of you will probably have complained about the price of printer cartridges at some point. Some of you will even have claimed that it’s better value to buy a new printer that comes installed with cartridges already. At Cartridges Direct, we want to try and help you understand the quality of printer cartridges and their price. So, if you think cartridges are a little too expensive, hopefully this will help you to understand where the cost comes from.

Am I better off buying a new printer that comes with cartridges?

As mentioned, some customers feel they would be better off investing in a new printer to get new printer cartridges, instead of buying their new cartridges separately. This might seem like an attractive concept, but it’s not worth it. The printer cartridges that are supplied with a new printer will often contain less ink than new ones; therefore, they will need to be replaced sooner.

If you’re looking to treat your office to a new printer, then by all means follow this method. However, if you’re hoping it’s a cheaper shortcut for better value printer cartridges, you are mistaken! To make sure you have the right ink and toner cartridges for your office printers, spend the money on quality original cartridges; there’s no simpler alternative.

Cheap printers will deliver lower value

Some users hope that if they buy a cheap printer, it won’t have any bearing on the value of the cartridges. Cheaper printers may be able to do the job, but for a shorter period of time. Many printers come equipped with cartridges that contain far less ink than the regular cartridges.The reason is that these cartridges are only intended for use in setting up the printer. Although they will print a number of pages they have no where  near the capacity of a replacement Original Cartridge, and will soon run out.This can lead to the belief that this is the same page yield as a replacement Original Printer Cartridge, but this is far from the case. A replacement Original Printer Cartridge will print many times the number of pages than a setup cartridge. Thinking that it is more cost efficient to buy a new printer rather than replace the setup cartridges is a false economy.

However, if your office has a large print output, you should really reconsider what printers you choose. With most modern printers benefitting from good features, it’s only the high standard machines that will deliver the best features; this includes print quality. If you’re hoping to produce professional documents, you will require OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) printer cartridges that are specifically designed to be used in your printer; not remanufactured ones or third party cartridges.

Tackling the ‘throwaway’ society

Throwing away a printer every time the printer cartridge runs out is totally wasteful. Not only does it waste your money by replacing a printer unnecessarily but it wastes precious, diminishing nonrenewable resource and energy used in its manufacture and it contributes to one of the worst scourges of modern society - E-Waste.


Buying high quality printer cartridges may mean spending a little more money, but with good reason. Manufacturers of original cartridges use part of their resources to support ethical recycling, making sure that less cartridges end up in the landfill. As today’s society tries to be more environmentally aware, is it not better to invest in office technology that has a positive impact on the world around us?

The truth of it is that you get what you pay for; invest wisely in your printers and printer cartridges, and you will be rewarded with quality ink, flawless images and clear colour every single time you print.