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Printer Types Explained

Printer Types Explained
By Simon Williams
February 2, 2017

Printers have long been a necessary and essential part of office technology, used for both basic and more advanced functions. As technology has progressed over the years, the devices we use have become more impressive, streamlining our daily tasks and making jobs much easier. With printers now more affordable than ever, and with eco-friendly options for those who are becoming more environmentally aware, printers from Cartridges Direct are used throughout homes and businesses across the country.

But if you’re a printer novice, or you’re not sure what printer is best for your needs, we have explained the basic printer types to help you on your way to a productive workflow! Consider the following guide when it comes to buying a new printer, and make sure you’re buying the right one.

Inkjet printers

One of the main reasons people will choose an inkjet printer is for its high quality in printing text and images. Using advanced methods whereby the ink is dropped on to the page in thousands of precise droplets, they are a popular choice of printer. Taking very little time to wake up and be ready to print, choosing an inkjet printer can ensure you have good quality prints every time.

Inkjet technology has been developed and improved so much over the years that they are now affordable without compromising on quality. With excellent colour output, they are a great choice if you’re after flawless printed documents.

Laser printers

Laser printers also come with many great benefits that could help your print output speed and quality. Deemed to be much quicker than an inkjet, they were originally far too expensive to use as a personal device. However, now they are more affordable and have become a reliable and efficient choice for offices across the world.

A laser printer is the perfect solution if you are printing high volumes of documents on a regular basis. Both the inkjet and laser printers use different technologies to print; inkjet uses ink cartridges, while laser works using toner powder. This in itself offers various benefits; toner will not dry up like ink, whilst ink can offer incredibly clear and precise colour printing.

Multifunction printers

Probably one of the most popular choices for offices, multifunction printers offer an all-in-one solution. Perfect for offices with limited space for numerous devices, multifunction printers can do so many things from one machine.

With the ability to print, fax, copy and scan, a multifunction printer can do everything from one machine. This can be great for reducing overhead costs and saving space in your office. Without compromising on quality or output, a multifunction printer could be the perfect solution!

So, next time you’re looking for a new printer, consider these different types and which one will benefit your needs the most.