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Promoting Environmental Practices in the Workplace

Promoting Environmental Practices in the Workplace
By Simon Williams
August 20, 2019

If you want to be environmental at work then it needs to be an authentic approach, with bottom-line benefits to get it over the line. While grand gestures can move the needle initially, if these practices cannot be sustained over a period of time then they will simply remain a ‘good idea’, but one that is not deemed realistic for your business. Let’s address some green changes you can see growth in your workplace.

Be bottom-line focused

While a business can reduce their carbon footprint by adopting greener initiatives, they can also improve bottom-line performance by delivering against the three key elements of reducing, reuse and recycle. Sound too good to be true? It’s actually not, and you may be surprised to see how simple these tweaks are with the benefits far exceeding the initial rollout.


  • Installation of energy-saving LED lights and solar panels, reducing electricity used by the business and save on electricity bills

  • Change the air conditioning settings to 25-27 degrees in summer and 18-20 degrees for winter, maximizing the energy efficiency from the air conditioning systems

  • Implementing a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) to reduce overall water use and save on water bills


  • Eliminate single-use disposable items from your workplace

  • Eliminate single-use disposable items from your supply chain, working to source the firm’s inputs from the most sustainable suppliers


  • Ensuring whatever waste that comes out of the workplace is recyclable and is recycled

  • Offering a number of different recycling bin types and measuring the percentage of waste that is actually recycled. 

CartridgesDirect has championed many initiatives pioneered by change makers, with so many office supplies able to be correctly discarded and recycled into future products. We’re committed to ensuring that 100% of printer cartridges are recycled through responsible and safe channels.

Be authentic

Let’s step away from the bricks and mortar for a moment and look to our consumables. The Keep Cup discount isn’t new to the café scene, with caffeine-chasers extended a discount for using their own cup. Workplaces can take this sentiment a step further by recycling ground beans for the benefit of office or home composting. You may not know that those cast-off beans actually stimulate growth in your garden. Coffee grounds are a fantastic source of potassium and nitrogen for plants but the grounds on their own are too acidic for most plants, presenting a perfect opportunity to turn waste into a recycling opportunity.

Another easy way to promote environmental changes in your workplace is by promoting culture or carpooling and urban transport. You may find that installing bike racks in a place central to your office will prompt those to get on the bike and cycle in. You can also implement basic amenities in your office to allow employees to cook or prepare lunches and small meals, reducing the reliance on ordering-in and amassing the waste that comes with.

Environmental practices can be created and followed in the workplace as long as the owners of the business are willing to champion that effort. Leadership will bring that positive change in the workplace, setting these benchmarks as complying requirements rather than optional uptake. CartridgesDirect work with a number of esteemed suppliers and manufacturers who share this vision, and have made workplace environmental practises a reality.