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Sunglasses of the Sea: Diving Into Recycled Plastics

Sunglasses of the Sea: Diving Into Recycled Plastics
By Simon Williams
February 18, 2021

Previously at CartridgesDirect, we have explored the positive action being made in removing plastic from the middle of the Pacific. Well, it would seem that the future of this program is so bright that you need sunglasses. Let us explain! The Ocean Cleanup was always poised to be a two-prong operation, recovering these plastics from the Pacific but also using what they found to create new products that reserved the need to seek new, virgin materials. This is how The Ocean Cleanup came to launch their new range of sunglasses. 

This program and commercialised product present an exciting movement where our community is not only motivated to clean our environment but put waste back into the production line. Water bottles, furniture and other items made from recyclables are not necessarily new ideas, but wearable fashion? This is an innovation worth celebrating. So what can we expect from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: The Ocean Cleanup sunglasses.

Designed and inspired by quality!

Where did the idea come from to design a pair of sunglasses and what considerations were made in ensuring that these sunglasses were quality and not fated to end up at the bottom of the ocean again? These sunglasses were designed in California as made in Italy, not unlike many luxury labels. All of the equipment and technique you would expect from a high-end pair of sunglasses has been engineered into these trendy sunglasses. The only difference being that the plastic was actually recovered from the ocean in 2019 and not made needlessly in a factory. Rigorous testing was applied to the sunglasses so that could safely be sold to the public, and they come with the following features:

  • UV protection through fully polarised lens

  • A unique QR code identification found on the frame to honour your contribution

  • Dynamic hinge design to prolong the life of the sunglasses

  • All plastic found on the sunglasses was collected from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Considering polarised lenses are an add-on feature of most reputable brands with some featuring inferior hinge design, these sunglasses are not a tokenistic possession but actually a quality purchase that is projected to last longer than its competitor sunglasses.

An opportunity to fund the cleanup continuation

To own a pair of these sunglasses, the cost is $199, but you are buying into future cleans. This investment not only secures you a one of a kind fashion accessory, but it also contributes to the continuation of The Ocean Cleanup’s work and mission. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organisation, so all proceeds will go toward a cleanup for the following year in the same problem areas. In fact, buying and contributing $199 actually allows the team to clean an area of 24 football fields of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. What other environmental impacts can you quantify is such a measurable and memorable way? Buying a pair of these sunglasses means you have contributed to past and future cleans, with the proof right there in these fashionable sunglasses.

The overall goal is to clean 500,000 football fields worth of plastic found in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As of this publishing, The Ocean Cleanup are 46% of the way in achieving this goal with their incredible sunglasses being worn all over the world by those committed to change and innovation.

How can you purchase Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses?

If we have convinced you that these sunglasses are the next accessory for you, you can easily order a pair online. They also make fantastic gifts for those peers who do not like to spend on unnecessary items and prefer to under-consumer to support our environment and waterways. This gift is not only a pair of quality, Italian designed sunglasses but a pledge to the ocean and a contribution to future work cleaning the ocean of plastics. Each pair comes with Wilson’s case that looks like an ocean tank to protect the sunglasses, so you can expect great longevity from these sunglasses.

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