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Secure Printing - 2020 Top Trend

By Simon Williams
January 30, 2020

There was a time when only fax machines could boast security, but printing innovation has allowed technology to bolster its features and offer an almost perfect vehicle for print security. Companies and individuals expect to keep their prints private from wandering eyes and idle hands, without having to stations themselves beside the printer or invest in a separate model. And that’s not to mention the threats that exist beyond your office. As we enter a new decade, security enhancements will continue to roll out, but let’s review where the market is at the start of 2020 and why this is an are you need to be educated in. 

Why is printer security important?

It’s a question we have tackled many times here on the CartridgesDirect blog, and we’re not alone in our concern with a staggering 64% of businesses believing this is an area printing manufacturers should prioritise. Businesses that have failed to invest in secure printers and printing tech, might find that they are encountering instances of theft, printer attacks, breaches of data and an overall weakened network. If you hold data in your printing device (which everyone does) or print information that is sensitive, then you might want to sharpen your printer safety as an urgent matter. 

What does a secure print solution look like?

With over 65% of companies reporting past experiences of print-related security breaches, no one is above exploring a greater solution here. In addition to modern printers being designed to a higher standard, Managed Print Services (MPS) appear to be a solution that businesses of all sizes are engaging. MPS will be in charge of managing the print environment, which streamlines jobs and eliminates clutter and overdue maintenance. With a clearer device in action, it becomes easier to spot sinister behaviour that may be operating inside or outside of your office. It also takes this responsibility off the plate of someone who might not know the correct processes, and who could be inadvertently putting the company at risk through their ignorance. 

Data encryption 

If you think that data encryption is exclusive only to computers, know that a printer is also a computer of sorts. In fact, it is also a copier, fax machine, web server and email server. It also has a connection to all of your mobile devices, with a hard drive that contains key data ready to be viewed by those with the skills and intent. By encrypting your print data, you are providing a secure passage for your data to travel across networks. So rather than a hacker seeing the text that would be present on your print, they would see a jumbled collection of letters and numbers instead. Print data encryption can be facilitated by a number of providers and may need to be checked periodically to ensure that it is working effectively with no successful breaches.

If security is a chief concern in your organisation, feel free to discuss your options with our experienced team of printing professionals at CartridgesDirect. We are committed to providing service that will get the best result for your business, from print quality to print security. Visit our website to find out more.