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Social Media in the Snow

Social Media in the Snow
June 26, 2018

Every winter thousands flock to the snow and millions of memories are made. Hundreds of thousands of those moments are captured on Smartphones and other devices. Your child’s or grandchild’s first snowman or snowball fight.  Skiing for the first time, Snowboarding action, catching up with family and friends apres ski Even your dog seeing snow for the first time. So many memories. It’s so easy to catch every one of them - frame the memory, press the button and the moment is captured forever.

Well…. er...not exactly forever.  Although photography on a digital device is simple and instant it has three disadvantages The memory is captured on the device and, unless you do something about it, there it will stay for the life of the device. At sometime the device will be replaced and all its contents will vanish just like the snow in Spring. Although the photo is rich in detail much of that detail is lost when viewed on a small screen. You can’t hang your device on a wall or on a shelf to view it whenever you want.

Therefore, when you nail the perfect winter image, it’s vital to preserve it and share it with your loved ones. The very best way is to print it on long lasting photo paper with an inkjet printer.Fortunately, with the help of Cartridges Direct, you can select and print your favourite winter moments, so that these memories can last for years to come. Inkjet printers are inexpensive, starting from as little as $50, and produce incredibly deep and rich images in a variety of sizes that can be framed for permanent display.




By printing your favourite images you get not only long last copies that have all the depth and detail of the original but you can frame them and mount them so that you can enjoy the memories of the time in the snow all the time and at any time. The print can be enlarged to hang on a wall or framed and put on a shelf display or you can mount them in a photo album as a keepsake for generations to come. The memories are not only accessible to you but to everyone. You can print multiple copies and share them around family and friends for them to display.

skiing in the snow


Photo Paper

Don’t let your printing equipment let you down and ruin your picture perfect capture. Even with the right shutter speed selected, choosing poor quality photo paper, will leave your images blurry and discoloured. Inkjet printers fire ink at pages in small liquid drops. As regular printing paper is porous and ink is a liquid material, it tends to flow across the paper in ways you hadn’t intended. This is often what is responsible for images that are not as clean and crisp as you had hoped!

Photo paper has been chemically treated to control the absorption of ink. This means that your printed images stay clean, and will change less over time as the ink settles and dries. There are a large range of photo papers available on the market. Let’s run through some of the key benefits of each range, and how they will transform your winter wonderland images.

Sizes: Industry leaders such as HP have introduced photo paper technology, allowing you to print your images direct from a smartphone or tablet, to any wireless printer. The HP Social Media Snapshot Photo Paper, has been specifically designed in 4 x 5 dimension, to fit your social media platforms. Other photo papers come in a wide range of sizes; from 4 x 6 inch, up to 13 inch x 19 inch. This means there are photo paper sizes to suit all of your winter printing needs.

Glossy vs Matte: Glossy photo paper provides images with exactly what the name suggests - a glossy finish, with a bit of shine! This extra layer of shine tends to give images a boost in colour, making most images appear more vibrant. The downside when printing on glossy photo paper is that it can create a glare on some brighter images. If your snow images are already blindingly white, be mindful of printing on glossy paper.

Matte prints in comparison, tend to be better for less vibrant color schemes or monochrome shots. While they do not offer the same colour boost as glossy finishes, matte tends to enhance the texture of an image.


Keep your Images Bright

Inkjet printers are the crowd favourite when it comes to printing the brilliant white images of snow. A wide range of manufacturers have even developed specialised inkjet photo printers and accompanying photo cartridges. These printers, when used with special paper for printing photos, can produce incredible winter family photos.

Check out the video below from HP, showing the easy set-up of the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.




Just a few inches of snow can transform a familiar landscape into a winter wonderland, and lead to priceless moments with your family. With Cartridges Direct, you can ensure your images are printed in the highest quality, and that these memories last a lifetime.