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Sustainable Savings: Tips To Maximise Your Printing Spend

Sustainable Savings: Tips To Maximise Your Printing Spend
By Simon Williams
January 2, 2019

Maximising efficiency is the focus of every business. If you can achieve this while skimming some funds off your business operation spend - then that is advice we should all be listening to. Set a precedence in your workplace for 2019, and strive to be more conscious of your printing spend to avoid unnecessary spending. Here’s some tips that can be adopted and integrated into your office in the new year.

Consider A Change In Printing Services

How often is your printing service and structure discussed among your team? Pose the question to your workplace community to field whether the business would benefit from a managed printer service or instead sending your printing to a external retailer. Depending on your business structure, the advantages of each will vary so find a sustainable printing measure that is right for your business. Get a sense of your current printing needs and whether these intend to change in the near future, while also finding out what printing providers can offer you in the way of managed printing service or direct retailer printing fees.

Money Flow

Understand Your Running Costs

If someone was to ask you what your monthly printing spend was, what would you say? Before you scramble through reports, know that you would be in the minority for not knowing the exact running costs of your printing requirements. Your printer tends to blend into the furniture, with no thought to whether it is draining much-needed funds. Consider utilising the economic or draft mode functionality for tasks that do not need to be of the highest quality. These alternatives help businesses keep under budget and reduce the spend over time.

Colour Preference

Do you really need to be printing in colour? Chances out your memo or reporting document could be just as effective in black and white. Some offices can be very diligent with your colour usage, and others can be all too indulgent and end up with a huge printing spend each month. Have a discussion with your whole office and flag instances or departments that can use colour and set targets to get your usage under control.

Reduce Paper Consumption

Reduce Paper Consumption

Ok, just because paper grows on trees does not mean it should be used in excess. Paper is still a key material in office operations and the consumption does not seem to be slowing down despite the uprise in technology usage. Lead change in your workplace by collecting paper which can be reused for scrap of printing purposes, by having it available near your printing station. This usage is very easy to track as most offices have a recurring order. At the end of each month, gauge how many boxes are left to see how well your team have been recycling.

There are a lot of ideas and trends that can excite workplace leaders at the start of the year. The trick it to put these plans into motion, so that you can start to see change in a real way and make it sustainable enough to last the year through.