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Tech Turnover Can Lead To Loss of Memories

Tech Turnover Can Lead To Loss of Memories
By Simon Williams
February 4, 2019

Where were you on your last birthday, and how about the few before that? Many of us cannot answer that without referring to our devices for a digital footprint of where we were. When technology upgrades or breaks down, so too can your memories. And then it is down to your steel trap to recall it all. Our minds are a sponge to the interactions and stimulus that unfold around us, but sooner or later something has to give. Immortalising your memories by printing your photos is a great way to hold on to those cherished experiences, so they can be revisited again and shared with generations to come.

Technologies are not designed to last forever

If you capture your memories and experiences on multiple devices such as Smartphones, Laptops, Notebooks or hard drives and PC’s - this may not be the sustainable solution you had envisaged. The device of the moment can always boast a host of features, but they are soon eclipsed by the next phase of technology, and the media they hold is placed in a drawer and forgotten. Don’t be left scrolling through your library in search of that great photo, only to find it was captured on a camera or phone before your current one.

Printed Photos Capture Experiences

Printed photos capture experiences

Printing photos is the only solution against losing precious moments, and can be achieved with many different types of printing cartridges. Capitalise on the the present, and print your photos as you go so that your events and milestones are in front of you, and front of mind. These printed photos can be displayed on your walls or bound within books and albums. Do away with generic coffee table books, and present the most exciting moments of your life to be lived again, and explored by your guests for the first time.

Printed Photos Make Meaningful Gifts

Printed photos make meaningful gifts

Technology is understandably a great gift for one and all, with so many capabilities and experiences accessible at the press of a button or a stroke of a key. But why not step outside of the box when gift giving, and give something tactile and meaningful that can be treasured for longer. If your friends or family are not one to print photos, do it for them and gift that great shot in a frame or album. You can even choose a series of images from the same event or with the same subjects to form as a collection of printed images.

Create A Legacy

Create a legacy

How will your children remember you, and how about your grandchildren? We can tell you now that the children of the next generation will not be passing around an iPhone consuming memories. Most stories and anecdotes are passed down the generations, bending and changing depending on the family member that wields them. Printed photos create a lasting documentation of each milestone moment, adventure and event. Take charge of curating your family tree by capturing images of each member and the moments that bind your family ties.

Technology is designed to be modern. But the very definition of modern means that it is perfect for the present, so don’t leave your most prized memories trapped in obsolete technologies. Print your photos and begin the process of immortalizing the past, present and future.