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Consume, Collect & Create - TechCollect Forge A New Cycle

Consume, Collect & Create - TechCollect Forge A New Cycle
By Simon Williams
April 10, 2019

motherboards and other pc parts for recycling

Technology continues to evolve, pushing us forward to a point where we exist in a world that is more science fiction than that portrayed in movies gone by. While the benefits of a technology driven world present untold advantages, it’s not without its drawbacks. Technology evolves so fast that it can lay a path of destruction, with so many models and devices becoming obsolete and littering our homes and offices. Fortunately, sustainable initiatives have banned together to offer a solution to tech waste through sustainable recycling.

TechCollect E-Waste

TechCollect is an initiative funded by Australia’s leading technology companies, joined in their shared vision to create and sustain a culture of conscious waste management. TechCollect offer permanent sites for the public to take their broken or used technology and drop them off at approved sites where they can be wasted safely and securely. Large entities like Officeworks have a greater capacity to take on technology waste through TechCollect, although not all stores accept every technology type (such as televisions) so it is advised that you call ahead of your drop off. This initiative is also partnered with sustainable leaders such as Mobile Muster, ToxFree, CDS Recycling, Planet Ark and Cartridges 4 Planet Ark. Ideally, these groups strive to get to a point where a high percentage of technology has been created through recycled parts.

Technology to deposit at TechCollect

The stumbling block comes with determining what constitutes technology that can be recycled, and what cannot. Technology which is accepted through TechCollect is personal computers and laptops, cables, tablets and notebooks, computer monitors, computer accessories, printers, faxes and televisions. This encompasses most, if not all, technology that gathers dust over the years when it no longer adds value to you or your business. These items have a way of lingering in our offices and homes too long, so take a stand and deposit them at the closest TechCollect drop off to you.

What happens when Techcollect have your technology?

TechCollect has built a business around creating a circular economy approach to waste, as opposed to a linear economy that we have seen tried and failed over the last century. The linear economy is an all too familiar chain of events - mining, manufacture, purchase, use, end of use and then inevitably landfill. TechCollect challenges the linear model by adopting the circular economy, where no waste exists, only opportunity. The TechCollect circular economy includes - drop off at TechCollect, recycle, manufacture, purchase, use, end of life and then drop off at TechCollect once again. This drives users to consciously play an active role in the recycling of their technology and completing the cycle.

If you find yourself harbouring used printer cartridges, and other technologies, pass them on to TechCollect so that they can become a part of future technologies that may wind up adding value to your business once again. With drop off sites scattered all over the country in accessible locations, it has never been easier to create a sustainable future.



Patrick Crichton wrote:

Very timely initiative

On 21/5/2019 1:48 AM

Colin Dunn wrote:

Interested in the recycling of technology obsolete products .

On 20/5/2019 11:26 PM

Wellena Johnson wrote:

This is a most for my children’s. Thank you.

On 20/5/2019 7:42 PM

Peter Grimbeek wrote:

I'm interested in the potential uses of Tech Collect.

On 20/5/2019 3:10 PM