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Technology Guide: Multifunction Printers

Technology Guide: Multifunction Printers
By Simon Williams
February 7, 2017

The printer industry has changed hugely over the years, becoming more streamlined with our daily tasks both at home and in the office. Printers have become a necessity, in order for us to complete jobs much easier; but most offices will see a multitude of devices to accommodate multiple needs. Enter the multifunction printer; a device created to provide a more convenient solution for all of our printing problems.

In other words, many businesses or even home offices will see space and money being taken up by multiple devices for printing, copying, scanning and even faxing. Taking up valuable room, this is sometimes the least efficient way to create a working office environment. The multifunction printer allows you to combine all functions under one machine; something that has proven to be incredibly popular and we can see why! So, if you’re considering a multifunction printer for your next printing device, let us help you.

Basic functions

A multifunction printer has 4 main functions that can all come in very handy in a working environment. Of course, the most obvious and probably most used function is printing; most households and offices will have access to a printer, and we’ve no doubt that this is what your MFP will be used for most frequently.

Scanning can be an incredibly convenient function to have to hand; if you’re looking to eliminate the amount of paper you use, or you just want a tidier and more organised workload then scanning documents and storing them as PDFs can prove to be very helpful.

Copying is, again, a handy function to have there as an option. Whether you copy a lot of documents or just a few a month, it’s important that you know the quality of multifunction printer you’re buying. If you are likely to just need standard quality copies, using your multifunction printer will probably be sufficient. However, if the bulk of your workload includes copying then you might benefit from buying a high end photocopier.

Faxing may seem like an obsolete function but you’d be surprised when you might need to send a fax. Having a built-in fax within a multifunction printer is much more efficient than investing in a stand alone fax machine!

Advanced features

A multifunction printer is a great option if you need to conserve space and keep an eye on your overheads; you are still able to create a functional office space with just one device. However, when shopping for a multifunction printer, you should have an idea of the features and functions you’ll require.

For instance, both speed and quality are very important factors when choosing a device. There are many other similar features that you should look into before deciding on a specific model. The likes of paper capacity, duplex printing, connectivity and even ink cartridges and toner should all be of consideration to ensure you invest in the right machine for your needs.

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