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The Essentials You Need To Work Remote

The Essentials You Need To Work Remote
By Simon Williams
March 18, 2020

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the entire world. Whether you are struggling to find provisions at the supermarket or your office has been closed requiring you to work from home, these swift changes have been jarring to businesses and individuals with little direction on what lies ahead. One thing that we can control is how we choose to design our home office, which will subsequently determine how effective we are in self-isolation with the possible lockdown that could be enforced. 

An efficient printer and well-stocked cartridge supply 

Losing access to the printing resources available at the office can be a hit to productivity and output, which is why professionals should seek a printing model that can take on the load. CartridgesDirect offers a wide range of domestic printing units that can handle complex tasks spanning varied sizes and finishes. Additionally, it’s critical to have a reasonable supply of printer cartridges to weather the social climate. Mobile printing is also an option, with most modern printers coming with mobile printing apps that enable print jobs right from your phone.

Before you select a printing unit and compatible printer cartridge from our wide selection at CartridgesDirect, understand whether a Laser or Inkjet printer is going to be best. Inkjet printers can take heavier paper stocks, as well as complex paper finishes (gloss, matte). Laser, on the other hand, is best for plain paper documents and suitable for corporate environments and tasks. When you purchase the right printing unit for your needs.

As of March 18, Scott Morrison announced that social distancing should be abided by for at least six months, with workplaces encouraged to implement their own conduct at this challenging time. Given this timeline, our specialists at CartridgesDirect can facilitate bulk orders and assure prompt shipping so that disruption is minimised. 

Comfortable and compliant furniture 

Offices can assure a certain standard of comfortable and compliant furniture, abiding by the appropriate desk height and lumbar seating solutions. You might not have taken the time to honour the same ergonomic standards at home, but this will need to be reviewed. An affordable and efficient solution can be to bring a standing desk into your work area, with the opportunity to mount the desk onto a number of surfaces (dining tables, benches, etc) and adjust the height accordingly. 

Unified communications

Many have argued that COVID-19 presents an opportunity for employees to prove just how efficient working from home can be, challenging the resistance toward flexible working conditions. Uniformed communications are going to champion these efforts, with companies able to continue task management and assignment and connect through instant chat. There are a number of platforms which facilitate these functions like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google and more. 

For businesses that serve companies and clients that are compromised in these conditions, keeping communication lines open is of the utmost priority, and uniformed communication platforms are essential in meeting these needs. If the cost is an issue, some of these platforms are free to use based on the package you and your workplace are part of. For example, Microsoft Teams is a free function available to those using Outlook.


NBN is an acronym that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of some Australians, and so there is a reasonable concern that an increased pressure might be too much for the network cover. With libraries also closing amidst the COVID-19 precautionary measures, professionals can unburden their router by following these measures:

  • Determine the best spot for your router and move it if required (use NetSpot for this analysis)

  • Disconnect devices that are connected to the Wifi but not in use

  • Update your router and diagnose malware

With each change you implement, ensure you are testing the signal so that you can identify what works and double down there.

CartidgesDirect has long been an advocate for the sole trader, freelancer and those who work from home. If you are looking to enhance your home office during these uncertain times so that your work is not interrupted, reach out to our team who can recommend the best printing units and cartridges.